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Some 20 years after industry consolidation was supposed to wipe independent promoters off the map, these stubborn, savvy and fiercely autonomous operators have managed to outpace the industry at large, according to end-of-year Billboard Boxscore data.
In a live industry where two global giants -- Live Nation and AEG Live -- control an estimated 70 percent of the box office, or $3 billion in Boxscore grosses, indie promoters such as Another Planet Entertainment, Bowery Presents, Jam Productions, Frank Productions, NS2, and C3 Presents are presenting thousands of concerts annually by producing festivals, allying themselves with artists and smaller venues in large markets, such as New York and San Francisco that are beyond the bandwidths of the majors. Another Planet, which grossed nearly $75 million from 204 shows in 2014, according to Boxscore, has formed alliances with fan-favored venues in San Francisco, such as The Independent, and the surrounding Bay market, such as the Fox Theater in Oakland.
For Madison, Wis.-based Frank Productions, it’s a matter of going where the big guys don’t, both in terms of acts and markets. Frank Productions and NS2 will promote more than 700 shows combined this year, largely because Live Nation and AEG Live simply can’t do it all. Another niche where indie promoters have thrived is music festivals, Austin, Texas-based C3 Presents, which saw it Boxscore gross increase 9.6 percent in 2014, has succeeded so well in this sector that Live Nation has reportedly made a $125 million offer to acquire it.
Sacha Jenkins is the director of "Fresh Dressed," which will premiere as a CNN Films broadcast on Thursday, September 3, at 10 p.m. Anyway, there was a park just outside my bedroom window -- this park was just beyond the park that was attached to the apartment building we lived in. Speaking of Caribbean immigrants, my mother was the Haitian lady who would always call the cops to complain about the loud noise (It was LOUD). In my neighborhood, the famous phantom DJs were known as the Disco Twins, and they played a little bit of everything as there wasn't any rap music committed to vinyl in 1977. Fashion functions as a language in this world, announcing your status and the life you lead -- or the life you want people to believe you lead. As someone who has been writing about hip-hop for 25 years, I'd realized that the story of the culture's rise hadn't been told through the fashion, the fabric of the movement itself.
My mom worked hard for her money at Harbor Lite Silk Screen, which was a block or so away from where a lighthouse used to be. The music and fashion being generated by the youth of that day was a reflection of what was going on. Because of the influence of the Internet (wherein your shopping options are unlimited), it might be impossible to distinguish which borough a kid is from based on the way he or she dresses today.
Combat veteran Carter Greene (Jane) lives alone in a rustic farmhouse where he grieves the death of his young son and the resulting failure of his marriage. Meanwhile, Bird is an orphan who’s experienced too much loss for somebody so young.
Under incredible pressure, growing too fast for any one leader to manage, the Panther organization started to show its cracks. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. In New Orleans, venerated promoter Don Fox has kept his Beaver Productions rolling  -- $42.5 million in grosses in 2014 -- by forming long-term relationships with such consistently successful lives acts as Michael Buble. In 2014, C3 reported total box-office grosses of $136 million from 619 shows, making it the top independent promoter of the year and an acquisition target. It was littered with the guts of broken bottles; shards of glass glistened from every square inch of the place. The park with all of the glass on 8th Street was the place where these phantom DJs would spin well into the night. Still, she had no idea -- and I had no idea, and no one I grew up with had any idea -- that what was being spun outside my bedroom window would go on to become a musical form that humans from Brooklyn to Bangladesh would go on to admire, emulate and respect.
Everybody looked sharp in my neighborhood, regardless of whether or not your parents could actually afford it.

For one, if you were dressed in a manner that was universally considered to be "bummy" or unhip, you could potentially be ridiculed to tears.
From the self-stylized gang jackets of the 1970s to the billion-dollar, hip-hop fashion industry trail blazed by designers Carl Jones and Karl Kani, and by rap icons like Sean "Puffy" Combs. Inside of the dominion we call hip-hop, fashion has always been a strong reflection of the environments we lived in -- be it the formerly bombed-out South Bronx or the working class, single-storied blues of Compton, California. This is back when people would get paid cash on a Friday and young toughs would lurk in between cars on the streets outside. How we dressed and how we expressed ourselves through the music, the art (what some people call "graffiti") and the dance -- b-boying, breaking, popping -- was how we escaped the realities of inner-city life. For some reason, Jamaicans loved Clarks shoes and Kangol hats (brands that were also popular in England, another strong Jamaican enclave). Still, the way we wear things -- be it how a cap is tilted on our heads or the sag of one's jeans -- continues to identify members of the hip-hop tribe, whether on the runway or on the boulevard. As Bird mourns her parents on the anniversary of their death, she watches a professional assassin storm the graveyard and kill a group of funeral goers. In the opening scene of Nelson’s film, Ericka Huggins, an early Panther who’s now a professor of sociology, tells a story: Three blind men try to describe an elephant.
Newton, who had been in jail for manslaughter since 1967, was released after his conviction was overturned in 1970. From the French & Indian War, Revolution, Barbary Pirate War, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI & II, etc., you will learn 'the rest of the story' of how leaders with faith and courage arose and disaster was averted!
Contributors who have gone through the grieving and recovery process share their stories, offering guidance and support in this collection of personal and poignant stories. C3 partnerCharlie Walker declines to comment on the company’s acquisition status, but he explains that festivals were a way to stay in the concert promotion game in a post-2000 industry where AEG and Live Nation controlled their own venues. He wound up moving to New York after my parents split, and I'm pretty sure that our arrival in Queens was connected to the idea of being able to maintain a fairly consistent, real-time relationship with pops. We wound up moving to a building that was directly across the street from the Astoria Housing projects. I was too young to be in the mix of what was happening in the park after dark, but the music was so loud that my bed would shake. The early darkness that is the calling card of winter would deliver us to evil; I remember my mom getting "mugged" a few times. Brooklyn, Queens, Money Makin' Manhattan, the Boogie Down Bronx -- every region had its own distinct look, and that was partly based on the fact that different areas' local stores stocked different brands and different colorways of the brands. When you saw a cat with Clarks on and a Kangol hat and Cazal frames hugging his face, you knew that that dude was from Brooklyn. Terrified, Bird springs into the woods, followed closely by the sadistic assassin Sade (Fishburne). She eventually takes shelter in Carter’s farmhouse, where Carter vows to protect her and avenge the murder of her family.
Cleaver had since fled to Algeria with his Panther wife, Kathleen, to avoid his own prison sentence, following a shootout with the Oakland police. Captivating true-life incidents of seemingly unexplainable circumstances resulted in the nation being saved! Combined, the two promoters reported more than $30 million in grosses to Boxscore in 2014, a “top-five” year for the Franks, says Larry, and the NS2’s best ever.
Ma got a job down the block at a place called Harbor Light Silk Screen, where they printed T-shirts and some of the ads that ran on the interiors of subway cars. Folks used to make their own speakers back then, and these units were like hand-crafted, stand-alone Godzillas, a byproduct of the sound system culture that Caribbean immigrants shared with their new inner-city neighbors.
As an adult, it's easy to see there are larger issues of class and self-esteem -- but that is serious fodder for a whole other essay.
Ma started to roll with mace spray in her coat pocket; New York was a dangerous place back then.
YOU will be inspired as you uncover "Miracles in American History - 32 Amazing Stories of Answered Prayer." In 1746, 70 ships with 13,000 troops sailed from France to lay waste to the American colonies.

One of the more compelling and disturbing chapters of the film concerns Fred Hampton, head of the Panthers’s Illinois chapter and an immensely talented public speaker. What freak accident happened two days later which changed the course of the Civil War? What did Woodrow Wilson declared as the U.S. Because he had worked with the NAACP, he was adept at building a coalition with black church leaders, as well as with whites and Latin-Americans. Newton in Oakland, California, as a response to entrenched police brutality against black people (sound familiar?). His organizing abilities, his passionate, rallying speeches, and his message of racial unity made him a prime target of the FBI, top on their list of possible Black Messiahs. Their mission was to show up wherever police injustice was being served, bearing guns, their presence a warning that things could get ugly. In December of 1969, after a speaking engagement, Hampton fell asleep in his Chicago apartment, where several other Panthers were also staying. Their goals were set out in a ten-point program of demands, which included such basic requests as access to decent housing, good education, and full employment. The Chicago Police, acting on a tip from a mole about a supply of weapons, busted into the apartment and shot the place up without issuing any warning.
Eventually the Panthers took their protests to the state capital in Sacramento, where the national media began to cover the movement. Influential people like the prison memoirist Eldridge Cleaver joined, offering the group a certain amount of cred among both black and white intellectuals. But while big personalities are at the center of this story, Nelson’s undertaking is also to show us the depth and breadth of the organization. Celebrities like Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda flocked to the cause.“Most of the Panthers were teenagers, and I want kids to see that and know that they can make change too”The FBI took note, and made its best effort to undermine the Panthers through a program called COINTELPRO.
By the end of the sixties, I was surprised to learn, contrary to the prevailing image of an army of uniformed vigilante men, the majority of the rank-and-file Panthers were actually women.
The Panthers’ social agenda included programs that promoted sickle cell anemia research, and that provided breakfast to needy schoolchildren.
Edgar Hoover, then the Bureau’s director, was particularly concerned about the idea of a Black Messiah, a charismatic figure who might rise from among the Panthers’s ranks to take the organization from the fringes of American society to the center. At their peak, the group was providing about 20,000 meals a week across nineteen different communities. To prevent this, the FBI planted moles, performed raids, and terrorized the group in every way imaginable. Nelson uses archival footage of Panther rallies to demonstrate that the group’s supporters were often far more diverse than one might expect. And the Panthers and ex-Panthers who appear on camera—Kathleen Cleaver, Emory Douglas, and Jamal Joseph among them—share their personal stories of triumph, exhilaration, hope, and disappointment, lending texture to any simplistic impression of a monolithic Panther front.As Joan Didion observed in her essay, “The White Album,” when Huey Newton went to jail on what may well have been trumped-up manslaughter charges, the Panthers were quick to seize the opportunity to make a martyr of him.
After Newton was released from prison, after his and Cleaver’s differences of vision had split the Panthers in two, Newton’s behavior became increasingly volatile, paranoid, and often violent.
Many long-time Panthers began to back away from the party, resigning from their membership. To close, Nelson asks the Panthers who have appeared on-screen to each read a point of the group’s original ten-point program.

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