CERTAIN heretics of Rimini decided to end the meddlesome interference of Anthony in their sinful lives. THE Provincial Chapter of September 1226 appointed Anthony as Custos of the Province of Limoges. When the sermon was over and the mother had come home, she stopped at the door in utter horror.
BECAUSE his wife was kind to the friars, a jealous husband ordered her to stop giving them alms.
As his text Anthony chose, "Where thy treasure is, there is thy heart, also." In the midst of his sermon, he came to an abrupt pause. A NOBLEMAN of Ferrara was so jealous of his wife that he refused to recognize his first born child as his own.
A WOMAN of Padua went looking for sticks one day so that she might make a fire in her house. WHILE preaching in France, Anthony accepted the invitation of a nobleman to dine and spend the night in his mansion near Limoges. Ask God to grant Tom, the barber, a bountiful harvest restoring all as HE did for the farmer. I often get inspiration for my posts from questions I get from students in ministry or from friends that are just curious about various topics about the Catholic Christian faith. It’s interesting to note that the reasons for canonization have nothing to do with miracles in their earthly life.
Miracles through intercession are required after the death of a person in order to give testimony of their presence in heaven. Disclaimer*All content in my blog, site, and social media is my opinion and does not reflect the views of my employers, clients, or partners.
God the Father, we join together in prayer and petition heaven for divine intervention to mitigate earthquakes and natural disasters throughout the world.
On February 11, 1858, Bernadette Soubirous, child of poor parents in the town of Lourdes, in Southern France, went with two other children to gather firewood by the banks of the River Gave.
However, when the others had gone further on to collect sticks, Bernadette decided to follow them. Bernadette was examined and re-examined upon the details of what she saw, but never did she alter or add anything to the description.
But the joke became very serious when it was discovered in the afternoon that a stream of clear water was flowing from the muddy hole. Soon after this, Bernadette went to Monsignor Peyramale, the Dean of Lourdes, with a message from her lady.
It was not long before such proof was forthcoming, but it was only after several years that a commission of enquiry set up by the bishop finally pronounced that the happenings at Massabielle could be accepted as supernatural.
Some there are, I know, who think the story is too good to be true — such things just don’t happen in these days, they say. In the film, certain historical details have been altered somewhat for the sake of dramatic effect, but not the main facts of the story. Another point worth mentioning is this: It is true that Bernadette suffered from the severity of her Novice Mistress, Sister Marie Vazous, who seems to have failed to understand the precious soul committed to her charge.
That was the last note to be heard on earth, then, of the sweet song of the little peasant girl of Lourdes.
There is a reason for the existence of this bureau, for wonderful things take place at Lourdes, well worthy of scientific investigation. In the beginning, it was thought that the water of the spring might have some curative properties, but chemical analysis showed it to be nothing but ordinary drinking water. By way of an example, it may be of interest to give here some details of one of the cases recorded at the Medical Bureau.
He suffered now frequently from epilepsy, and in April, 1920, a doctor realised that this was probably the result of the head wounds, and operated on the skull. Somebody arranged to have him admitted to Mossley Hill Hospital for Incurables on July 24, 1923. On the morning of the second day there, he was being wheeled to the baths when he had a bad epileptic fit. And so John Traynor was lifted into the bath — a physical wreck, covered with sores, a dying cripple. A second time he was placed in the bath, and then he was taken to be blessed during the procession of the Blessed Sacrament in the great square in front of the church. Soon after that and any time afterwards for twenty years, you could have seen in Liverpool a hefty 16-stone man, in the coal and haulage business, lifting 200 lb. If the enemies of religion could find a natural explanation for such a case as this, they would certainly do so. Zola knew this, and when a doctor afterwards asked him why he had made the story conclude in a way that was opposed to actual facts, he replied in a tone of annoyance: “I suppose I am master of the persons in my own books, and can let them live or die as I choose?
Or kneel in the great square before the church as Christ in the Sacred Host is carried round for the blessing of the sick.
The life of Bernadette is a perfect example of how God makes use of the humblest of instruments to do His work.
His sermons had turned the attention of the people to their sinful excesses and the only solution was to get rid of the friar. Pierre-du-Queyraix in Limoges, an incident took place which more than ever showed the extraordinary favors granted by Heaven to St.
Shortly after taking over his new duties in the Order, it was brought to the attention of Anthony that one of the novices was thinking of leaving the community.
It was at this time that a distinguished Florentine gentleman died and his relatives planned an elaborate funeral for the deceased. The foolish husband had no reason to doubt his wife's fidelity but he would still have nothing to do with his infant son. Anthony was at Padua, a man was killed in Lisbon and the corpse buried in the garden of Anthony's father. I speak often of various saints in the formation I give to high school students, and it brought up some of these questions recently.
Even a miracle man like St Padre Pio was celebrated at his canonization for his fidelity to the love of Jesus instead of ever mentioning any of the supernatural acts he participated in with the Holy Spirit.
Scientific and theological commissions are assigned to investigate that the act was truly unexplainable and completely effective.
We invoke the powerful name of Jesus to calm the storms of time and to bring forth a millennium of peace and tranquility. Each of the 30 stories challenges readers to reconsider their conception of angels—from the story of a former Air Force colonel whose golden retrievers served as his heavenly helpers in the Colorado wilderness to the account of St.
LenarWhile traveling through the town of Netcong, located in Morris County, NJ, I stopped into The Church of St. LenarJoan Wester Anderson and her updated book, Where Miracles Happen, is inspiring and touched my soul with God's spiritual presence. She had taken off one of her stockings when she heard the sound of a strong wind, but could see nothing.
I had half noticed, but without attending to it, that some branches were waving somewhere near the grotto. Bernadette was seen to move about the grotto, and then to scratch in the ground with her hands. Very soon, the spring was pouring forth 27,000 gallons per day, and it has continued to do so till the present time. She had been told to go to the priests and to tell them that a chapel should be built at the grotto. Fleeing from the Nazi persecution, Franz Werfel (not a Catholic, but a Jew) found himself in Lourdes, with little chance of escape.

Then Hollywood was not slow to see in this beautiful story the material for an outstanding film. But history and science are against them, for there is overwhelming evidence that the story is true. It might be well to point out here one or two items in the film that are not historically accurate. Possibly for dramatic effect, the severe side of Sister Vazous’ character is considerably exaggerated in the film.
Any qualified medical practitioner from any part of the world, be he atheist, Jew, Protestant or Catholic, may sit on that committee.
Yes, the sick are cured — not all the sick who go there, by any means; but over 4000 cures have been recorded, besides many that have not been investigated. Men of science go there in large numbers, many of them having no belief in the supernatural. In 1914, when the First World War broke out, he was mobilised with the Royal Naval Reserve, to which he belonged. John Traynor decided he was going, and managed to scrape together the few pounds necessary.
Three times, they tried to take him off the train in France to bring him to a hospital, as he seemed to be dying.
Just as the Sacred Host had passed by, his right arm, which had been dead since 1915, was violently agitated. The British War Pensions Ministry, after extensive investigations, awarded him full disability pension for life.
No amount of evidence would convince people with such an unscientific approach to the question.
It shows what prejudice will do to a person’s judgment in face of incontrovertible facts. The miraculous cures at the Blessed Virgin’s shrine are only a small part of the story of Lourdes. There they lie, helpless on their stretchers or sitting in wheel chairs, in long rows; and behind them kneel their relations and friends and the thousands of pilgrims.
For the sick and the suffering go away from there with new hope, new courage, new resignation and new peace. That Church has never in her long history lacked the testimony of miracles in her difficult task of convincing mankind of her divine mission to teach and sanctify all men. But they only laughed at him, reminding Anthony of Christ's promise to His disciples, "And if they drink of any poisonous drink, it shall not harm them." If he would eat the poisonous food without harm, they would return to the Faith. What they did not know was that Anthony, during that period of silence, had appeared in the convent choir to fulfill his assignment.
God revealed the temptation of the young friar so that Anthony might help him in his hour of need. Undaunted by his rather embarrassing tumble, Anthony picked himself up, brushed the dirt off his habit, and went on with his sermon.
One penitent in particular found that, when he knelt at the feet of this young Franciscan priest, he was unable to confess his sins. The Saint talked to the nobleman for hours and finally succeeded in making him see the unreasonableness of his jealousy. Try as he might to prove his innocence, the grisly evidence found in the family garden was enough to convict the poor man of the murder. Full of trust in the power of the Saint, she promised to being a remembrance to the Basilica of the Saint if life would only be restored to her daughter. Some time later the lord of the house passed the friar's room and noticed a brilliant light streaming from beneath the door. Anthony returned the invitation by clasping the Child to his heart, crying over and over, "My God! There, on the wooded estate of the nobleman, Anthonychose a giant walnut tree as the spot where he would rest. Therese, whom Almighty God has raised up to aid and inspire the human family, I implore your Miraculous Intercession. We pray to the Virgin Mary to interecede on behalf of Humanity for God's hand of mercy to bless us with divine protection. John Bosco, who, for more than 30 years, was protected by an angelic dog as he walked the dangerous city streets. While reading Part One: Miracles through Prayer, I was captivated in the story, A Light in Her Life. The day was bitterly cold, so when the other two girls took off their shoes and crossed a small stream, she waited behind, because she suffered from asthma. Just across the stream in the side of the hill, there was a large cave, or grotto, with a kind of niche or opening high up at the back. I went on taking my shoes off, and I was putting one foot into the water, when I heard the same sound in front of me.
The dress was fastened quite high up, round the neck, by a fold from which a white cord was hanging.
A doctor observed her pulse and breathing during the ecstasy and found them both to be normal. The doctor said there was no hope, but the mother, in desperation, carried her baby to the grotto and bathed him in the ice-cold water of the spring. We are not accustomed to associate spirituality with Hollywood, but there can be no doubt that this film is a rare achievement. In actual fact, large numbers of doctors come there to take part in its deliberations — and many of them are unbelievers.
Each time there was no hospital where they stopped, and the only thing to do was to go on again with the patient on board. He fell on his knees to finish the Rosary he had been saying, and then ran out of the ward, pushed two assistants out of the way, and, in his pyjamas, ran barefoot a distance of some two or three hundred yards, over the rough gravel, to the Grotto.
How like those days in Galilee, when they brought out their sick and blind and crippled that the Saviour might touch them! And there are conversions there — the conversion of sinners, the conversion of unbelievers. The Divine seal of miracles is the simplest and surest guide for the seeker after the true religion. A few moments later Anthony took up the thread of his interrupted sermon as if nothing had occured. When he had finished, Anthony breathed on the novice and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit!" In a moment the troublesome temptation to return to the world had vanished completely.
Satan would have to do a great deal more than this to prevent a zealous Franciscan like Anthony of Padua from preaching the word of God. By the time their prayers had come to an end, the woman's hair had been restored, even more lovely than before. To his astonishment he saw that, as soon as he had told it, the name of each sin disappeared from the paper. Open his coffers, and you will find his heart!" The astonished relatives did as Anthony bade them. Anthony approached the corpse and, in a firm voice, bade the man speak and tell who had killed him. As soon as the mother had finished her prayer and made her vow, the daughter started to give signs of life. When he looked through the grill in the door, the nobleman saw the vision taking place within the room.
My God!" The next morning Anthony asked his host not to reveal what he had seen as long as Anthony was alive.

His faithfulcompanions, Friars Roger and Luke Belldi, built a cell of twigs in thebranches of the tree as a shelter for the Saint. This is really the only practical way we have been find substantial evidence that they are truly saints. A white veil, covering the head, went down over the shoulders almost to the hem of the dress.
She could see no spring, but the lady pointed to this place, and when she began to dig, she found a little muddy water.
Otherwise, the character may give a false impression to those not otherwise acquainted with convent life.
For her story was told in many lands, and the grotto of Massabielle became a focal point of devotion, first for hundreds, then for thousands, and finally for millions.
Indeed, what proof have we that the whole story of Bernadette and her lovely lady is anything more than a pious legend — very beautiful and poetic, no doubt, but the product of a child’s imagination? In the right circumstances, it can cure, at least temporarily, many ailments due to nervous disorder. Auto-suggestion never caused a tuberculosis patient, spitting blood and dying, to jump from his bed, never again to suffer from any traces of the disease. He was in charge of the first boat to leave ship, and was one of the few from that boat to reach the shore that day. He died in 1943 from hernia, a complaint in no way related to the illness and wounds of which he was cured in Lourdes. Such a man was Emile Zola, the French novelist, who went to Lourdes and afterwards wrote a novel on what he saw there. Bernadette once during her visions, after prostrating herself on the ground, stood and, turning to the people, cried out three times the word “Repentance!” How many countless souls have been brought to repentance here at the feet of the Blessed Virgin! Suddenly he remembered that he had been appointed to chant the Aleluia at the Convent Mass in the local friary. The novice Peter took his vows and presevered in the religious vocation that had been saved for him through the help of St.
But before he began his sermon, Anthony paused for a moment to warn his audience, "Whilst I am speaking to you, the devil will cause this platform to collapse. Quite foolishly, the woman rushed out of the house, leaving her infant son playing on the floor near the fireplace on which stood a pot of boiling water. He even dragged the poor woman around by the hair so that a good part of it was pulled out by the roots. To the amazement of all, the corpse sat up and clearly attested the innocence of the accused.
And today, sixty-six years after that day in 1879, millions thrill to the sweet song she made, unconsciously, for all the world to hear — a song of innocence, humility and love — made not for bodily ears, but for the ears of the soul. Behind these branches, in the opening, I saw immediately afterwards, a white girl, not bigger than I, who made me a little bow with her head. She was not seeking publicity, for she took no notice of the crowds, and she tried to avoid the questioners who pestered her. She was sent to board with the Sisters in order to finish her schooling, and also to escape from the endless crowd of inquirers who wanted to cross-examine her.
Broken limbs are not set overnight by the power of the mind over the body — especially when a large section of the bone has been removed. Then the careless mother knew that the safety of her child had been assured through the intercession of St.
There, in the midst of all the gold pieces, was the heart of the man who, although rich in earthly treasures, had died poor in the things of heaven.
Then Anthony turned to the child and said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, speak and tell who your father is!" The infant pointed to the nobleman and, in a voice of a child years older, he said, "There is my father!" With that the father broke down and took the child in his arms.
Little Flower, give me your childlike faith, to see the Face of God in the people and experiences of my life, and to love God with full confidence.
At the same time she put her hands out a little from beside her body — her arms were hanging down like the (pictures of our) Lady. The people thought she was mad, and the scoffers began to laugh — the whole thing had become a joke. He took the opportunity to make a study of the famous shrine of the Blessed Virgin and its history; and he made a vow that if he should escape to America, he would write a book to tell the story of the little girl whose name was already famous throughout the world.
Some years later, she asked to be admitted as a Sister into the convent and was sent to Nevers, where she afterwards spent most of her time looking after the sick.
A large church was built near the grotto, and then a second and third, one above the other. If you want to see living faith, not smothered by convention or human respect — transparent faith, unmistakably sincere, then go with a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Thus, the testimony of Lourdes to the truth of the Catholic Church is its real significance for modern man.
He begged his wife's forgiveness and never more interfered in her works of charity towards the Franciscan friars. To get to his cell they tramped through the property of a neighboring farmer who had planted the field in grain.
All the same, it was not a fear like what I have felt at other times, because I would always have stayed to look at that, but when one is frightened one goes away quick. People were struck by the charming grace of her gestures, and the transparent faith and devotion she displayed when she made the sign of the Cross so beautifully in imitation of her lady. It is the policy of the Church not to recognise alleged visions or miracles until there is overwhelming proof that they are genuine. The bureau rejects immediately any cure that might possibly be explained by suggestion, or any other natural cause. A well-known English surgeon operated on him in Alexandria, in an attempt to sew together the severed nerves in the upper arm, which a bullet wound had left paralysed and useless. The mother's desire to hear the word of God had saved her from being punished as she might have deserved.
In his novel, Zola tells the story, but attributes her improvement to nervous excitement, and makes her collapse and die on the way home. The farmer complained to the Saint who comforted him, and told him to come back the next day to harvest his grain. I put my hand in my pocket and took out the rosary that I always carry in it; I knelt down and meant to make the sign of the Cross, but I could not put my hand to my forehead — it fell back. And many of those who go are sick, and some are dying — all hoping to benefit, bodily or spiritually, from the divine gifts that are dispensed there. And then, it demands the most complete medical evidence, with doctors’ diagnosis, X-ray photographs and a full history of the case.
Requests are also prayed for every Third Thursday of each month during the evening prayer service held for peace at St.
Meanwhile, the girl put herself sideways and turned towards me; this time she was holding the big rosary in her hand.
If then, after a thorough examination of the patient’s present condition, it is found that a cure has taken place, and if after a considerable period of time, it is found to be permanent, the bureau will pronounce that medical science can give no explanation of the cure. When he returned the next day, he saw with amazement every bit of grain quite erect and fully ripe for the harvest.

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