It’s one thing to have hope in something (desire) and quite another to put forth effort (faith is an action word) to make that something become a reality. By creating a plan that outlines what we want to achieve in life, we will ultimately be more successful than if we simply have a goal. Bartimeaus wanted to receive his sight and you can bet that as soon as he heard that a Healer was in the land that could heal the sick and the mame – he started formulated a plan in his mind so that when the time came and the Healer arrived, he already knew what we was going to do to obtain that miracle. We tell ourselves that good things only happen to the rich people, the beautiful people, the privileged people who just have it better than we do. Who ever fed you that lie was also probably selling a dose of discouragement and guilt to go with it. What if, when Bartimeaus heard that Jesus was coming, he started to question if he looked perfect enough, or if he was smart enough or if what we was going to say would be good enough? There will come a time in your life (if it hasn’t already) when you will have to decide if your Pride is more important than your Peace. Most people consider pride to be the sin of wealthy people looking down on the rest of us when actually there is also an often overlooked occurrence of pride – and that is pride from the bottom looking up.
Proud people tend to justify and rationalize what is wrong in their lives and why they have failed instead of taking ownership of their actions. Pride can be the stumbling block that limits progression towards that which is ultimately desired in life because proud people also depend upon others to tell them whether they have value or not. They only feel worthwhile as individuals if the score board shows them as the ultimate winners in all areas of life.

Some people wrongly suppose that humility means we have to beat ourselves up or deny ourselves of value – that somehow we have to be less of who we are. Knowing our true divine worth and that we are all dependent upon others for support and success is part of humility. Somehow forgiveness, with love and tolerance, accomplishes miracles that can happen in no other way.
Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. How many pounds are still hanging on to bodies that yes, had made a goal to remove them, but yet there they are – still attached.
What if in all his questioning he missed the opportunity to obtain a miracle because he was too worried about being perfect and doing the perfect thing? Pride is a something that can readily be seen in others but is rarely admitted in ourselves. Proud people often withhold forgiveness to keep someone in their debt and to justify their hurt feelings.
If you never take action towards your dreams, the doors to your ultimate happiness will remain closed. Make the decision to move forward despite the imperfection in your life and be willing to humble yourself and ask for help.

Hinckley Quote“Somehow forgiveness, with love and tolerance, accomplishes miracles that can happen in no other way.” ?Gordon B.
One of the most powerful catalyst in anyones life is the hope that they have in life, and the belief that if they keep their hope at a high level, even in times that life is testing them, that they will be blessed enough to go places in life that they could have never foresaw. The only limitations you will have in life are the limitations that you agree to place upon yourself. And well, we’re not smart enough, talented enough, worthy enough to achieve our dreams and our hearts desires. He had to identify what was of most value to him and which would get him the results he desired. Sure he could have held on to his pride, blamed God or others for his frailties and lived out the remainder of his life begging for his existence in the darkness of his sightless world. Hinckley Quotes“Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations.” ?Gordon B. Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know, and the Lord will accept of your effort.” ?Gordon B.

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