Piers Morgan said "You have got one heck of a voice." David Hasselhoff said "Well look at that, miracles do happen.
In her new movie, Miracles From Heaven, she plays Christy Beam, the real-life mom of a 10-year-old girl named Anna who was diagnosed with a fatal and incurable digestive disease. In the end, Anna is suddenly cured after she says she spoke to God during a freak accident left her unharmed after falling three stories to the bottom of a hollow tree.

Miracles From Heaven has inspired Garner to attend church services with her andBen Affleck's three kids like she did when she was growing up in West Virginia. There's an honesty about you and the sincerity and innocence that can be honed into something powerful.
A video of Garner reading Go the F--k to Sleep during her photo shoot for Vanity Fair recently went viral.

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