In December 2011, Annabel was playing with her sister in a tree in the backyard of their home in Burleson, Texas. Soon after her frightening tumble, Annabel was mysteriously healed of the chronic diseases that had plagued her her whole life. A few days after Annabel was rescued from the tree, she told her parents that she had gone to Heaven. Knowing her daughter's miraculous healing was too significant to keep to herself, Christy decided to put Annabelle’s amazing story into a book. How has your family’s relationship with God changed since Annabel’s fall and miraculous recovery? Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. Annabel was dangling off of a fragile branch, when she suddenly plummeted 30 feet through the hollow cottonwood tree. For the next few years, she would share more and more vivid details about her trip to the afterlife.

She compiled all the notes and journal entries she had written during her daughter’s recovery to help her recall important facts. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. She graduated from Hardin Simmons University with a degree in Education and specialization in Reading.
There were no cures for Pseudo-Obstruction Motility Disorder and Antral Hypomotility Disorder. Oh and as for that tree, the Beams carved a cross into its base, and when a storm knocked the tree down earlier this year, the trunk and the cross was the only part left standing. The result was “Miracles From Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing,” which is released in stores today and is available for purchase online. Jakes, bestselling author of DestinyIn a remarkable true story of faith and blessings, a mother tells of her sickly young daughter, how she survived a dangerous accident, her visit to Heaven and the inexplicable disappearance of the symptoms of her chronic disease.Annabel Beam spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals with a rare and incurable digestive disorder that prevented her from ever living a normal, healthy life. Yet, it what can only be described as a miracle, Annabel was removed from the tree without injury.

Before the official release date, Christy spoke to Townhall about her new book, her daughter’s courage, and how it has affected her family for the better. One sunny day when she was able to go outside and play with her sisters, she fell three stories headfirst inside an old, hollowed-out tree, a fall that may well have caused death or paralysis. While unconscious inside the tree, with rescue workers struggling to get to her, she visited heaven. After being released from the hospital, she defied science and was inexplicably cured of her chronic ailment.
Miracles from Heaven will change how we look at the world around us and reinforce our belief in God and the afterlife.

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