These experiences may seem trivial, but what makes them so miraculous is that they point to something bigger. Once you begin to notice the little miracles in your life, you will realize that they happen more and more often.
I have found an affirmation to begin my day with that is so robust that when I say it out loud with feeling, I experience miracles and amazing events for the entire day. I am keeping my whole mind, thought, and expectation open to happier events, and to a more complete self expression. As I give thanks for the good now flowing into my life, I gladly share that good with others. A good example of this is when I was driving home one night the car in front of me suddenly swerved off the road, forcing me to take a different route home.

Many miracles are not acknowledged, because we expect something dramatic with angels singing in the background. As I got close to home, I passed a major accident which happened around the time that I would have been driving through, had I taken my typical route. A powerful affirmation to begin your day with is, "Everything I need is right here, right now." Saying that affirmation first thing in the morning, with feeling, can literally be the difference between feeling extreme lack and incredible abundance. I experience a deeper consciousness of peace and security, for I know that I am in the embrace of a warm loving presence forever seeking an outlet through me.
I believe the car that swerved and forced me to take an alternate route was a miracle, saving me from the accident. For example, having a strong feeling about purple sunglasses will bring purple and sunglasses into your life in more ways than you could imagine.

Could anything possibly top the last thing??" This affirmation is about expecting miracles. All of the sudden you are seeing purple shirts with sunglasses on them and purple cars with drivers wearing sunglasses. However, I knew that everything happens for a reason, and it turned out absolutely perfect. The theme of purple sunglasses could go on for weeks, months, or more after having one emotional thought about them.

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