In fact you better be careful when you put your heart asking for God to send you a sign… Yes readers, I was quite depressed with the world and asked him to send me ANY sign and he did! Following the dust storm it rained heavily and the next day while watering my trees, I was attracted to a very shiny golden deposit in my back yard.
I realized the Arizona desert still has tons of dust very fine gold particle that is easily picked up by the powerful wind during a sand storm then, because gold is much heavier, it falls down faster while the dust is carried away in the big dark clouds. While God usually display his will with nature devastative forces to destroy homes, livelihood and human lives he showered us with gold!
Now will this REAL MIRACLE go viral or do you think it normal for gold to pore on top of your house?
I guess this is how God wants it to be and all I did last few years was to work my ass off trying to shove down your throats a rare wisdom the majority of you is not ready to assimilate nor appreciate. As you know, if you are a long standing VIP everywhere we go, everything we do, every pictures and videos are shared with you because you, as a VIP travel with us. If Maria Stardero was so wild with joy she forgot to even thank the one whose prayer obtained her cure, she returned soon afterward to make her small donation to his work and offer thanks. Among the other cures that seemed to be given by God to gain benefactors for the humble priest’s work were a number in Rome. After Don Bosco’s death, there were many miracles to testify to the sanctity of this great friend of God.
Occurring as the Church’s experts, in the final act before beatification, were weighing two other cures attributed to Don Bosco for supernatural content, Sr. Within twelve months of his 1929 beatification, there were already two new post-beatification miracles considered able to meet the Church’s criteria. Catherine Pilenga suffered from serious chronic arthritic diathesis, particularly in her knees and feet. People who had seen this woman laboriously assisted into the church because she was unable to move about by herself now watched in amazement as she moved freely not only on level ground, but climbing and descending stairs. In 2010 Don Bosco’s relics went on world tour, including a number of places in the United States. Patricia is the author of critically acclaimed books on saints and related topics, such as mysticism, healing, and supranatural phenomena. When we are Present and Aware and live our lives in a state of Gratitude we soon realize Miracles are Everywhere and are Happening All of The Time!
I’m going to tell you about a few miracles that transformed me from a bold, modern girl to a modest, God-fearing lady who now offers, masha Allah, all five prayers a day and sometimes the Tahajjud Prayer as well. By profession I was a mathematics teacher in my native Pakistan, and in my leisure time I kept far away from religious activities, losing myself in the excitements of the life.
For one thing, what was it that enabled the Prophet (saw) and his followers to bear so much hardship and pain?
I also began to wonder why most of the teachers on my campus didn’t cover themselves properly even though they could obviously afford the latest fashions. I had also seen many people eating stale or scanty food and sleeping on thin sheets but still thanking Allah.
After I made this wish, within a few months all the hindrances that stood in the way of my marriage were settled automatically, and I got married.
My husband is quite possessive and reserved in nature and did not like me to engage in social activity. This is how my wish (to get ample leisure time to understand Quran) miraculously came true!
After the third year passed I started having a repeated dream of facing an examination I hadn’t prepared for.

I recalled those hectic days of my life when I used to teach, and then I remembered my wish to read and understand the Quran.
Those dreams were reminding me of my own wish and telling me that I wasn’t preparing for the real examination that is Aakhirah. After I’d completed my first reading of the Quran I started to listen to different Ulamas and Scholars to know their views regarding Quran.
The same day I was preparing for lunch and cut the tomato with Bismillah, hoping for a miracle. Some of my friends and relatives ask me why I look so contented and relaxed when I’m not having children. Mean time even with the rational explanations on how gold ended up in my house, let me ask again any skeptics out there if this is a normal recurrent event…and if its not (and it is not) then its a miracle or the answer only God can provide!
I will be 64 years old in 5 months and one thing I know, my rare wisdom is priceless and like gold can not be disregarded. I came in the privacy of your home for years, months or may be only a few days asking you to become a cosmic coder, to join my VIP’s and reward me but unless I stop the cosmic fluid coming to you for free, you will never join.
Like attracts like, a magnet will not attract a piece of gold and if my VIP’s do not voice their frustration with me its because they know I own a huge heart and gave much too much away. I know they love us, I know they enjoy our work and commitment and I am getting tired to go against God’s will. She had not been born blind, but as a result of eye disease her sight had been completely lost two years earlier. Forty-six years later, in 1916, when some Salesians checked on her, she still had perfect vision.
For example, when Don Bosco had great trouble there getting approval for his radical new congregation, God used the saint to give healings to several important church officials who opposed approval or to members of their families. To each of these churchmen, before working the cure, Don Bosco made it clear that their vote was expected in return. Ignoring those involving after-death appearances by the saint because I treat this subject at length in an­other book, and ignoring those in which the saint’s relics played the predominant role, I offer as examples the cures of two women.
Mary Joseph Massimi, of the convent of Santa Lucia in Selci, Italy, was about to die in 1928 of a duodenal ulcer. Mary Joseph’s healing caused a chuckle among those who recalled how God had so many times furthered Don Bosco’s projects with healing miracles.
As study proceeded, however, a cure from Innsbruck, Austria, was set aside as not completely verifiable. The organic lesions caused by the disease did not threaten her life, but they practically paralyzed her lower limbs. It took her sister and a male helper to get her out of their vehicle and into the Church of Mary Help of Christians, where she sat down to pray in front of the urn that contained the mortal remains of Don Bosco. After remaining on her knees about twenty minutes, she stood up, walked to the altar of the Blessed Virgin, and knelt again to continue her prayers. This was in anticipation of — and the opening of events in celebration of — the saint’s two hundredth birth­day in 2015. A new round of God-given healings and other graces, such as those that poured out for his beatification and canonization, appears likely as more people are reminded to ask the warm-hearted saint’s prayers. I had to speak on the topic “Life of the Holy Prophet (saw).” Once I’d done this, many questions began entering my mind.
What was the thing that motivated them to fight difficult battles against armies, much stronger and numerous than theirs? In addition, everyone in his family was independent so there was little mingling among family members. Now the only thing I had in abundance was time, and even then I couldn’t see how Allah was blessing me and giving me my wish.

Sometimes it was my Inters Urdu paper, at other times my Matric’s Mathematics’ paper, and sometimes other exams.
Immediately I prostrated to my Rabb and from that very day I started to ponder Quran along with its translation. It happened many times that when I had to look for a verse on previous pages to link with the current one, the right page would open on the first try.
For that purpose once I was surfing YouTube and found there a video called “Miracles of Allah”. When I cut the tomato I was amazed; I could clearly see ALLAH written in Arabic, with TASHDEED written under it. But I’m completely satisfied with my life because I have confidence that my Rabb and His beautiful, miraculous book is with me.
Becoming famous means contracting myself to an incredible crazy busy time and losing myself  and my freedom by committing to the public. As the many witnesses looked on, awed and profoundly moved, Maria, beside herself with joy, bolted for home, while her aunt thanked Don Bosco profusely with sobs now of joy. For all today’s theology about not bargaining with God, God seemed himself to barter the cures for approval of his saint’s congregation. Her confessor gave this Augustinian nun a relic of Don Bosco, who was not yet beatified, and advised that she make a novena for his intercession.
Still, on the fifth day of the second novena, May 15, she dreamed Don Bosco said to her, “I’ve come to tell you you will recover. For twenty-eight years, she had battled the condition; not a single treatment since 1903 had given her any relief. It was only at that point she suddenly realized, in kneeling, she was doing something impossible for her — and knew she was cured. It was a permanent, instantaneous, total recovery, verified by three doctors as well as a medical commission appointed by the Church, from a condition that nearly thirty years of medical help had failed to cure.
But my busy life prevented me from reading the Quran and its translation with understanding. Unfortunately I forgot my longing to study the Quran, and instead of availing my self of all that spare time, I started looking for other ways to keep myself busy. It is still in print - as are all Treece's books - and has been translated into a number of languages, anthologized, been a book club selection, and acclaimed by secular as well as the religious press.
Please show me at least one miracle like this!  I wasn’t even sure that this wish would come true. They are my babies but we can not travel as much as we anticipate with them and their lives is changing too!
Maria Stardero, a blind girl of ten or twelve, was led by her aunt into the church, where dozens of boys were standing about or kneeling in prayer as they waited for Don Bosco to arrive for con­fessions.
Pilenga’s cure was eventually picked from the many healings God has given through Don Bosco to be held before the world at his canonization as an authentic miracle.
Sadly on the very day her dreams had promised healing, her confessor was forced to give her the last rites. Treece has traveled extensively to saints' shrines and archives to research her many popular titles.
Until health problems forced her to take a break, she was also for years the saints’ columnist for the Los Angeles archdiocesan newspaper The Tidings.

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