Now I know this was a pretty narrow viewpoint to have.  It took some deep soul searching, forgiveness work and mindset changes for me to actually believe that I could experience a miracle too.
The interesting thing is, miracles were happening in my life all the time, I just didn’t believe they could happen to me, therefore, I couldn’t even be aware of them. Take a few minutes and sit in silence and ask yourself, your guides and God what question would you most like an answer to right now on this topic.  Have that question firmly in your mind before you read any further!  If you are not guided to read further, that is OK to.  Always follow your guidance, it is your best GPS that you have!
Thank you for sharing with your friends by posting this on your Facebook wall, tweeting it and leaving me a comment on how it spoke to you today! When I asked and listened I heard well you are a miracle and you have a story to share that support this, it’s time to trust and allow the words to flow.
You are a miracle Suzie and it is true, when you expect miracles to occur, the universe does open the floodgates of love to shower down upon you! I love Synchronicity – miracles have been on my mind for the past 24+ hours and now I read your amazing blog and you provide more insights regarding miracles. What Our Clients are Saying…If you are wondering which direction to head with your life or maybe you have some question about WHY you think and act the way you do….

Bishop Stang High School Web SiteThis link will take you to the official web site of Bishop Stang High School. Coloring pages are not only a fun way to pass some time for kids, it is also a great way learn about their country, culture and religion.
Various Christmas and Easter coloring pages also feature Jesus Christ and incidents from his life.
Miracles show up in all kinds of way.  Release your expectation of how you want it to show up and it will appear in ways that are greater than anything you could have imagined.  They is an unlimited supply of miracles!  Welcome them into your life with joy! I find it absolutely amazing how two people can have the same experiences and one see the miracles and the other not.
It’s funny that since I spoke to you recently, I can hear your voice as I read your words. Jesus coloring pages are such examples that allow them to learn about the Bible and celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.
The coloring pages, especially those meant for older kids often mention some words of Jesus and verses from the Bible.

These coloring pages can also teach them about the value of life and helping others, forming a proper foundation for their characters as they grow up. The Jesus coloring pages serve both as exciting activity sheets and a platform for sequence illustrations of Bible stories.
Here is a collection of some unique and beautiful Jesus coloring pages you can take home for your kids. They are available in various themes with “Jesus – the good shepherd”, “Jesus turning water into wine” and “Jesus overcoming temptations” being some of the most popular ones.

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