Jesus Christ performed thousands of miracles, to show us that God is real, God loves us and God wants to heal and restore us to abundant life. Besides healing the sick Jesus Christ did many more miracles, like turning huge amounts of water into the best possible wine, walking over water during a storm at night, raising several people from the dead (some had been dead for several days), multiplying a small amount of food into an abundance for many thousands of very hunggry people, and so on.
However the apostel John shocks us by saying that the world would be too small, if they had tried to record all Jesus Christ had said and done. Here you find a list with the specifically recorded miracles of Jesus in the New Testament.
Read through the specific passages and discover how breathtakingly awesome Jesus Christ is. Jesus didn’t only perform miracles to show that He is God, but also to give us an example. Miracles are the hallmark of a true servant of Jesus Christ, who has been appointed and sent by Him and not by men. Of course there are also false signs and wonders and Jesus warned us for the wolves in sheeps clothing.
The apostel Paus says that the working of the power of God, is far more important that a wonderful intellectual sermon. The miracles of Jesus are far more than a historic account of what God has done in the past.

Jesus Christ promised us the Holy Spirit, who would be poured out over us and release the power of God.
The key to experience the miracles of Jesus today is living in submission to the Holy Spirit. WE beseech thee, Almighty God, look upon the hearty desires of thy humble servants and stretch forth the right hand of thy Majesty to be our defence against all our enemies; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Jesus didn’t only heal a few sick people, the Bible says many times that ALL who came to Him were healed.
He came as a bright light in the deep darkness of this world and touched tens of thousands of people with the lifesaving power of the Holy Spirit. And please remember that the Bible was never written to show us only what God has done in the past.
He healed the sick, in order to break the chain of suffering over people’s lives and bring the abundant life to them. Although that is true, this is often used as an excuse to shut the power of God down and put christians in a box of  intellectual christianity, without the miracles of Jesus. This is one of the most confronting truths for the western church, where most of us rely on an intellectualism instead of a truly supernatural faith grounded in the reality of God who works in us and among us.
Huge multitudes of people came to Him, not only from Israel but also from surrounding nations and they brought all their sick to Jesus Christ to be healed.

The Bible was written so show us who God is and what He wants to do in every generation, everywhere on earth.
Our christianity has become weak, humanistic, natural instead of supernatural, carnal and theoretical. The Biblical record is an example for us, to encourage us to reach out to this incredible God who is so passionately active in our world, to bring is healing, salvation and restoration to all who truly seek Him. If we only have words about God, we are no different from any other religion or philosophy. But Jesus Christ is still the same and He wants to restore the working of the miraculous in His Body, so the world will see in us and through us that we truly serve a LIVING GOD, who is real, powerful and full of love for the broken world. Every person in the Bible who was used by God in a mighty way, was a vessel of the Holy Spirit: Moses, Elijah, David, Gideon, etc. It are the miracles of Jesus, performed through His Body, that show that we are truly speaking God’s words.

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