Off the heels of breakout performances at last week’s CMJ Music Marathon, Brooklyn-based Miracles of Modern Science are pleased to announce the release of their upcoming debut full-length.
Their debut LP, Dog Year, sounds like an impossible collaboration between David Bowie and Bela Bartok, squeezing symphony-sized crescendos and complex instrumental textures into irresistible, danceable rock songs. MOMS recorded Dog Year simply, their dense instrumental counterpoint leaving little room for overdubs. The difference is that many people who watch a lot of television still THINK they're smart and well informed because they occasionally tune in to some news program.
Just released: Spirulina and Chlorella tablets infused with functional herbs: Ashwangandha, Bacopa, Ginkgo, Mucuna, Tribulus, Turmeric and many more! Dog Yearwill be available digitally on December 6, 2011 and marks expansive new territory for the band.
It makes for a bigger surprise when you hear what they can do with just mandolin, violin, cello, upright bass, and drums.
Indeed, the band meticulously crafted and honed their arrangements down to the last pluck before taking their songs into the studio.

If a smart person watches television for many hours a day, month after month, they will become stupid. But even watching the news requires no thinking: the "facts," conclusions and propaganda are all pre-decided for viewers, then spoon fed into their brains through giant television screens. When we use technology to expand our understanding of the world, or improve our personal health, or to stay informed in a way that keeps our brains active, then technology is good. Click here to see the varieties on our store specials page (scroll down below the Nascent Iodine). Miracles of Modern Science push the limits of these antique instruments, reaching heights and depths unexplored by guitars. At one point, the wheels on one side of his scooter went off the edge of the sidewalk, and both the scooter and rider began to tip into the street, directly into oncoming traffic.
But when we use technology as a lazy crutch, surrendering our efforts to a machine that does too much of our work for us, technology makes us stupid.
To my great surprise, the man leaped from his scooter, landed on his quite-capable legs and wrestled the scooter back onto the sidewalk.

Because TV is passive, requiring no exercising of the brain (just like a motor scooter is passive, requiring no exercising of the legs). Fit people use their own limbs for personal transportation wherever possible, including walking and biking.
When we turn on a giant plasma screen in our living room and let the evening news fill our minds with garbage factoids, we've gone too far, I think.
And if he continues the habit for very long, the muscles in his legs will atrophy, his knees and hips will lose their flexibility, and he'll create the very disability that he's only faking right now. They may even use certain types of technology -- such as a GPS exercise tracker -- to enhance their fitness training.

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