God the Father, we join together in prayer and petition heaven for divine intervention to mitigate earthquakes and natural disasters throughout the world. We invoke the powerful name of Jesus to calm the storms of time and to bring forth a millennium of peace and tranquility. Each of the 30 stories challenges readers to reconsider their conception of angels—from the story of a former Air Force colonel whose golden retrievers served as his heavenly helpers in the Colorado wilderness to the account of St. LenarWhile traveling through the town of Netcong, located in Morris County, NJ, I stopped into The Church of St.

LenarJoan Wester Anderson and her updated book, Where Miracles Happen, is inspiring and touched my soul with God's spiritual presence.
We pray to the Virgin Mary to interecede on behalf of Humanity for God's hand of mercy to bless us with divine protection.
John Bosco, who, for more than 30 years, was protected by an angelic dog as he walked the dangerous city streets.
While reading Part One: Miracles through Prayer, I was captivated in the story, A Light in Her Life.

Requests are also prayed for every Third Thursday of each month during the evening prayer service held for peace at St.

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