Please support my friend Amelia Kinkade with her new charity, ARK ANGEL, which enables her to go into schools in rural Africa and educate children about wildlife conservation so that they don’t grow up to be poachers. I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. At workshops, I ask if any participants wish they could be free of all pain—emotional or physical.
One of my loved ones received devastating news about the ongoing progression of this terrible disease of ALS. Do you have any recommendations?  This is just so overwhelming.  Anything would be helpful.
Get a doctor to prescribe stronger medication that you can give to your mother either by injection or in other ways. Being loving, kind, attentive, and thoughtful with your mother, who cannot tell you how she is feeling anymore, is very difficult.  You must learn to deepen what you have already learned about nonverbal ways that your mom can show you how she is feeling. Many years ago, my father shared with me insights from your book Love, Medicine & Miracles. He can speak fluently, but the words most of the time don’t make sense, and we need to work hard to figure out what he is saying.  He slurs, and doesn’t at times seem to remember certain things, though we go over with him more than once that a fork is not for soup, or how to use soap in the shower. My father, besides his regular work, was a cantor, and for him, singing was a major part of life, and who he was.
Telling him you love him, and remember to hold his hand, gentle touch is always helpful to calm people. Give him a box of crayons to draw pictures with, let me know what colors he chooses, and then email me the picture, if you can.  I will interpret his drawing as I see things and let you know.
What do your anger and fear accomplish?  Nothing but negative outcomes; instead, give your body the positive, upbeat message that you want to LIVE!
Jesus ~ “It is done unto you as you believe.” So, start visualizing and believing in your power for true healing, and stop being negative and causing your immune system to shut down. I have gone from nightmares about my childhood pain and loneliness to dreams that still involve my family members, but I am letting go of the past pain. My book, The Art of Healing—Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing, with 60 drawings can help you understand and them.  If you send some to me, I will be happy to look at them and give you my impressions. I actually love your book Peace, Love & Healing, and your methods of self-cure, which is about winning the battle against disease yourself. Ask yourself what words describe what you are experiencing, and then remove from your life everything which fits the negative words you think of. I have decided to postpone treatment for six weeks and try a ketogenic diet and natural herbs, etc., to try and shrink the tumor a bit.
My parents, who are now gone, sent me Love, Medicine and Miracles after I had brain surgery in 1987. The following Sunday the whole church surrounded me, laid their hands on me in prayer until finally one brave and faith-filled church member prophesied that I would not die of prostate cancer. The visualization I use every day involves the in-dwelling Holy Spirit destroying the tumor, then showing me that my prostate has become soft and smooth all over. In January 2016, I had my usual two scans for the year in a Cambridge hospital, and as usual, I was told “no metastases.” This was as I had expected because my condition has been like that for years. I am now at 75, an enthusiastic member of our church’s prayer team and look forward to seeing all my grandchildren grow up.
A lawyer wrote to me saying that he was told he had a 5% chance of living two years due to his cancer. A Harvard medical student having visual problems is diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.
The rainbow continued underneath the brain sweeping up as a curve to the right upper corner of the paper. Tell her the potential to be cured is always there and through healing her life, rather than fighting a war.  She should love her life and her body unconditionally, sending the body the unmistakable message that she wants to LIVE. Quiet your mind by envisioning a still pond, and then close your eyes and take a deep breath in, imagining energy and creativity filling your mind and body.  As you blow that deep breath all the way out, imagine any distractions going with it. I received a copy of your book 365 Prescriptions for the Soul from a staff member who I had cared for during her sick leave when going through breast cancer.  I work as an occupational health nurse. We have worked together and he can be of help.  Nurses have a lot of trouble caring for themselves while caring for others.
Read Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing and any others that appeal to you in the lists on my website. My wife was having an MRI of her brain, she dreaded confined, noisy space—well, you know it all.  So, when they told us that their music system was not working, I said I would go into the room with her and sing to her. I do the real deal of boiling down the prescribed herbs twice a day, three days a week for the last 20 years. It takes much time, effort, dedication, and money to go the route of alternative treatments. As you know, insurance companies do not cover this cost, and after twenty years I have used all of my resources.

Like the ugly duckling realizing she is a swan, or a tiger cub raised by goats, who only realizes he is a tiger when his mother goat dies, you must look at yourself as unique.  You are—we all are, but there is some “core” of our identity (like being a duckling before you become the swan) that we must get in touch with, appreciate, and love.
The major influences in most developed societies include something about NOT valuing yourself, but the key to being a fully realized person is to find that core and learning to value and love it as early in life as possible.  It is never too late, though, to be enlightened about our inner knowledge and power—and to know that compassion and understanding never demands that anyone abandon their “truth,” which is your core, authentic self.
Here is an excerpt about her: “I am at a crossroad where I will not be able to continue treatment.
But now I regret all this, as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I will be your CD = “Chosen Dad” and help you to abandon your past and learn to love yourself and your life and heal. She shows he talent not only in films but she was also very  intelligent lady that gives her best quotes of love and many other types.She want to see woman on top and she work a lot to see woman on top.
As for the lovers of her quotes about life,love,inspiration,beauty and hurting type today I am going to share the best collections of her quotes that you can download them share them with others also use them in your Facebook covers and get the attraction very much.
For beautiful eyes look for good in others ,For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness. If I’M honest I have to tell you that I still read fairy tales and I like them best of all. People even more than things have to be restored,renewed,reviewed and redeemed,Never throw anyone out. Play peaceful music, and talk to her with positive words.  Be assured, she hears you no matter whether she looks like she is listening or not. Remember, people with dementia, who also find themselves coping with a painful disease, cannot usually show “normal” emotion externally, so you must simply assume that she is enjoying the CD, and especially hearing you lovingly tell her how much she means to you and always has—and now you are here for her. He suffers from aphasia, and possibly some cognitive damage, though it’s unclear how much is due to lack of language. From what we’ve seen, the stroke came after a few very stressful days at work without enough sleep.
Due to work and other circumstances, his singing pretty much stopped.  I could see the effect it had, though he hid it well on the outside.
Even if your dad doesn’t appear to be in distress or anxious, he could be very upset inside, so just regularly playing his music, holding his hand, seeing if gentle massage to his neck or arms, legs—whatever he seems to like. I had a mastectomy and elected chemo and radiation treatments even though it was not required. And, there is, as you know, quite a bit of research out now that discusses not only the toxicity of chemo, but also that it stimulates cancer cell growth.
I devoured the contents of the book in the days and weeks that followed and learned about visualization, meditation and how to pray effectively. While having his car repaired, he went into a used book store and found my book on the shelf. Upon awakening blind after surgery, doctors told him that he would remain blind, and had a year to live. Tell her to work on finding harmony and rhythm in her life, and then change what needs to be changed. Tell her to see her treatment as successful, with few or no side effects, so she can do what makes her happy in her life.
I bought her How to Live between Office Visits, and am sending her a copy of your outstanding interview done with Joan Borysenko for Hay House. The world would not only be healthier in body, but in spirit as well, which we all so greatly need at this time!  Thank you dear man! I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. My work has become more toxic the last number of years with bullying and horizontal violence. She is working on supporting me as best as she can, but said that all of her MM patients undergo conventional chemo.  Fortunately, my oncologist has recommended a “wait and watch” approach for now, so I am exploring all of my options.
If you were asked by friends or family to do something you did not want to do, what would you say to them?
They said they opened the PA system up so that the entire radiology suite could enjoy my singing.  They told me I sang so badly that nobody had any problems with their tests.
This is in tandem with my oncologist, who thinks this miracle is all his doing, but that’s OK.
Probably, but I have the thickest skin possible, and I couldn’t admire my own fortitude more. You could tell your story on the internet and ask for donations.  I forget what they call the site(s) where people do that. I know we have never met, and it took a lot of courage to contact you, knowing you might or might not even respond to me. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world, I will live my life in a different way from how I have lived. One thing she did was to sit in front of a mirror without any clothes on and love every inch of her body.

Closely watch for his response if you try a bit of gentle massage, because he may not like it—don’t force him—just do it if you are absolutely clear that it isn’t making him more uncomfortable. Nourish yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually in an environment of calm, steady, strong support from yourself and others for success on your healing journey. Eleven years ago, at the age of 64, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at a hospital in Kent, England.
I suppose I am still a work in progress as I have no actual scientific proof that the primary tumor has gone, and also my PSA is still hovering at just over the 100 mark. Susan was depressed and looking for some help, so she let a stray cat into her home to keep her company. She is trying through fantasy trips, etc., to get in touch with her inner self to make the right decision for herself! She is afraid that if she does the therapy, afterwards she will be too weak to go on this journey. We are living in Germany–if you have contacts here to doctors with your insights, let me know.
She beat stage 4 colon cancer, and then went on to have lung cancer (in both), urethra (removal), then 4 hot spots, and now 8, with her numbers at 163. After 20 years, I have gone through all my options and have enough money to live another 2 ? years. I have never particularly lived my live so well, as I have never really cared for anyone, not even myself, but just business.
Now that my life has gone down this path, I want to do what is right with this very short period so I can be happy after.
I think I came up with some answers, but am not sure, and also not sure how to help him heal through it.
Like my approach with breast cancer, I want to do everything I can to beat non-smoker’s lung cancer.
A CT scan and a radioactive bone scan both showed there were three metastases, the Gleeson Score was 8, and the PSA 951(British scale).
He is not a normal lawyer as it is damn unusual for a thinking lawyer to make those changes. She took the cat to a vet to be sure it was not sick and a risk to her while she was being treated for her cancer. As Ernest Holmes asked rhetorically, “What if Jesus was the only normal person whom ever lived.” Have faith and let others lay their hands on, as Norman did. Ben Lerner and Charles Majors (who overcame secondary glioblastoma resulting from multiple myeloma and has now been cancer-free for 5 years).  The authors made reference to your work. I’ve had two recurrences, a painful broken hip and femur, broken ribs, and most recently bones in my feet keep breaking. I am as rare as a unicorn, and I know the right people will appreciate this and support it if I had a way to just connect with them.
I am doing the work to heal broken relationships, get in touch with my feelings, and remove contradictions within me to learn to self-love and heal. His doctor didn’t want to hear about what he did when all his tests and scans came back clear of cancer. She drew a picture of her cancer shown as a side slice of her brain—a rainbow was on the rim outside—the cancer cells were being attacked by small yellow arrows. She also posts pictures of her on FB from her cancer treatments at the University of Miami in bed with a big smile.
I certainly commend the medical community for my initial treatment in keeping me alive, but I knew it was my job to find what could keep me healthy. I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business, as that was the only thing I cared for. One of the greatest achievements of this beautiful girl is that she ranked as the third greatest screen legend in the best history of American cinema. After browsing the second hand book section, I selected a novel to read, then noticed that on that day there was a ‘two for the price of one’ offer for books, so I snatched up a rather tattered paperback with the word ‘medicine’ somewhere in the title. I learned to ask people why they didn’t die when they were supposed to and they all had stories to tell about the changes they made in their lives. Susan returned home devastated that they would both be dead in a year, but she noticed that the cat wasn’t depressed, and was happily tearing around the living room having a ball.
When I got home and started to read this second book I saw it was Love, Medicine and Miracles, written, of course, by you. With a house full of pets named Hope, Faith, Miracle, Love, Sex, and Rags I am constantly living the message and receiving therapy.

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