As many of you know, I recently celebrated seven years of sobriety and while it was a time of honoring my commitment, it was also, ironically, a time of questioning it as well. It’s taken me some time to wrap my head around how these thoughts could happen to me of all people.
I battled with ideas that perhaps I was just immature before and maybe I could handle myself better now. How often do we catch ourselves future tripping and creating scenarios of the future that haven’t happened nor do we know if they ever will?
Just for today, let us be mindful of the present moment and let us remember that today is all we have. Understanding the dynamics of what must take place to create a true life transforming healing miracle is important because within that dynamic we see without any hesitation the most practical and profound aspect of spirituality.  A miracle, especially a miraculous healing experience, is where the rubber meets the road in the dual aspect of being both a human being and a spiritual being.
It is, of course, a concept that may not be easy to grasp.  You might reject the idea completely because it seems unfathomable that you would create problems for yourself and most certainly illness and suffering. To accept that you are both able to influence your life and by extension the life of others requires some deeper openness and understanding of both the miracle of life and how you can be aligned with the Divine and an instrument for Divine blessings to others. The role of claiming your co-creator part with the Creator requires taking on a level of responsibility that may be beyond what you are willing to accept. It is crystal clear that like John of God I can say without any doubt in full acceptance, it is God that heals.  The gift and grace that I have been granted is to have been a part of the event.
Prayer works within the universal laws and healing miracles work within universal laws.  There is no need to go outside of laws to manifest healing miracles but rather to look deeper at the way the word works to manifest miracles.
Bringing your awareness into the mechanics of both miracles and prayer is a way to see the many ways that you can collaborate with God and co-create with God in your life. If you talk to those healers who have participated in healing miracles, the transforming bliss and astounding joy of that moment is what they remember most. In the energetic release that happens with a miracle, illusion is cleared and in that moment, “The Son of God creates to bring him joy, sharing the Father’s purpose in his own creation, that his joy be increased and God’s along with his. And certainly when the bliss of that union has been touched, and you know to the depth of your Soul that a miracle has happened prayers are the best way to express your overwhelming gratitude for the blessing you have received in healing another.
What is learned through participating in a healing miracle can fuel your understanding in profound and life-enhancing ways that you can ponder in your meditations and incorporate into your spiritual life.
Coming into a state of Oneness with the Divine and with Divine Will (the Father aspect of God,) while beyond what you (or I) can typically accomplish from our current awareness, is an exercise of being in Soul consciousness and completely surrendering.
Mantras may help with this as you hold your intention to calm your mind and fully open your heart as your invite the light.  In the related posts below, I provide links to articles and meditations to help you open to the touch of your Soul while you are in an aspect of surrender to your Divine Will.
As always, when you meditate I recommend you have a pen and journal to record the thoughts and impressions you receive.
Because you are striving to reach a more exalted awareness, I also suggest you prepare your space by setting aside time without limitations in a situation where you are assured you will not be interrupted so you can let the experience flow. Since your Soul is in control, you will only receive what is exactly right for you at this time.  Moreover, since your intention for healing is surrender to Divine Will, the healing will be what is exactly right for the one you are striving to heal.
However, Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Genevieve Gerard stands out from other tapes I've listened to.
Welcome to the Miracles Today Show section of Elevate Christian Network.  This program is produced by Apostles Dr. Bringing the power of God to this last day generation has been the mandate of Christian Harfouche Ministries Global Reach for over three decades. Bringing the power of God to this last day generation has been the mandate of Christian Harfouche Ministries for over three decades. One of the major issues of controversy in Christianity today is the role of miracles in the life of a believer. However, there is a difference, in my opinion, between the miracles of the Bible and the miracles God performs for us personally today.
Can someone by healed of cancer and diabetes through prayer and walk out of the hospital the day his doctors predicted he would die?
In regard to being healed of diabetes, know of two others, the first is someone who worked with. The other person suspected diabetes due to symptoms and fact both sides of his family were very prone to diabetes, about 50% of his family on both sides develop it as adults. So he wondered if he had been healed, borrowed an extra test unit she had and tested for a day. So then he took the same Hb1AC test from the same company and it came out at 5.4, perfect, on April 10, 2012.
The following is the account of Mark and the prayer of faith by Eileen, my wife for his healing.  It is a true story of YHWH’s healing, by a man who at first, rejected the salvation of Joshua.

So on that Wednesday after noon, I cleaned his grill, did his dishes, mopped his floors and took him to ER.
He said, don’t bother praying, they cant even stabilize my vitals, how are they even going to get me down there to make everything OK.
The Nurse came in after I said that and said, well look at you Mark, your vitals are stabilizing…. Mark told me that the only time he had heard anything about God was when his old German mom would get out her big huge German bible and read out of it. Don was talking to Mark one day, witnessing to him and asking Mark how he felt this healing was going to impact his future. The story I am trying to convey here is this, you can have people pray for you, you can be healed by God himself, but if you doubt, and listen to the doubters, you can lose the healing God has given you. I found myself wondering if I wanted to be sober “forever.” It was a time of serious contemplation and reflection for me, which I indicated on the blog last month that I would share the details of in the coming weeks. I’m a life and sober coach, ambassador of the sobriety community and I’m advanced in my recovery – I thought these kinds of thoughts were supposed to be off limits to me. I grappled with the voice in my head for quite some time before I reached out for support from my sober friends. This wasn’t just about me anymore, now it’s also about the Miracles Are Brewing community, my coaching clients and being a leader in the field of recovery. The fear of commitment can be paralyzing sometimes; the commitments we make to ourselves and others, committing to marriage, kids, a career, a diet, breaking a habit or even something short-term such a move or presentation. We feel like we might have to give up a piece of our lives or ourselves in order to make or keep the commitment.
What an incredible and powerful affirmation and mantra to incorporate into our daily lives. How often do we talk ourselves out of making a commitment to something or someone because of the noise in our heads?
If we can begin to stay within the hours of each day, taking the next best steps and making the next best decisions, then we can move into an ability to repeatedly dominate each day.
When we learn to be more present inside each one, each day, we allow ourselves to relish in what we have, right here, right now.
Nevertheless, it is in that responsibility that you can gain a deeper understanding of the Laws of the Universe, transform your life and empower the service you can be to your fellow man. And although they may not have been able to sustain that awareness of Oneness with the Father that marked the miracle, it is both affirming and confirming that that pathway exists.
John Harfouche, and devoted Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church team members, they are: igniting the fire of revival in various cities across the globe, training and equipping believers to walk in the miraculous, and providing food and aid to those in need, running full force after the mandate God has put deep within their hearts. I could give numerous examples of unexplainable healings that have happened and often as a result of prayer. The biblical miracles are acts of God that suspend or override the natural laws of the universe in order to demonstrate his character and person in an undeniable way to many witnesses – rather than a subjective experience, they are objective realities. He still worked, because he was the only cook, and I really couldn’t wait tables and cook by myself. I took his hand and said, Mark, I know my God will calm your heart, and stabilize your vitals. Mark said, well the dr’s healed me, so I don’t really know what God has to do with my future. Here sat a man, that had been totally and completely healed from cancer and diabetes and he gave the credit to the same dr’s that said he would be dead in a week. Jerry Brown Orders Faith-based Organizations To Refer Women To AbortionistsPope Francis Says The 10 Secrets of Happiness Have Nothing to do With Jesus or God? There are times when the devil inside our heads can be rather convincing with his trickery. As I explained to a few of them what was going on, I was quickly reminded that I am not alone when it comes to these kinds of contemplations. It wasn’t as much a matter of me wanting to catch a buzz, get drunk or high or even me yearning for the taste of a drink or a line of cocaine as much as it was this idea of FOREVER and not feeling that I had the option or the freedom to have a drink if I wanted one, even though I didn’t actually want one; if that makes any sense. The weight of it all was beginning to cause the beast in my head to convince me that I needed more freedom or that I needed the ability to choose. How often to do we let our minds wander into the made up visions of potential what if’s around the future? By being our best and aligning ourselves to our goals each day, eventually we arrive at tomorrow. This Christian television show has a potential viewing audience of over 5 Billion people.  Their episodes feature unscripted victories and real-life miracle testimonies.

Hear how God miraculously brought her out and transitioned her into owning over 2 million dollars worth of real estate in just a few short years – through the teaching of the International Miracle Institute.
I arrived in Pensacola area on Friday, February 4th believing God for a job and a new place to live. So then he tried to drive up the blood sugar levels as much as possible, gorging on sugar and carbohydrates for two days, gaining four pounds. But after 3 days, he wasn’t getting any better, looked as gray as raw potatoes and had no energy to even finish his cooking chores. He called me later on that night and said, don’t bother to come get me, the hospital is flying me to UC Davis I said, why, for the flu? They had already started some sort of chemo drip and were trying to stabilize his vitals so he could fly to UC Davis….
He told me the dr’s said it was advance stage leukemia of some sort and that Mark was lucky to still be alive. I told Mark that God was indeed out there, and that He loved him and would make him well and Mark would get to come back back in town. If you need healing, ask someone that totally believes God heals today, right now, to pray with you and stand with you in faith for the healing. Trump Has Admitted Close Ties To Pedophile Jerry Epstein And The CFRTuaca on Why Is this Being Hidden From Us?
I found reassurance that fear of missing out (FOMO) is pretty standard, especially in sobriety, and that almost everyone experiences this at some point. The devil in our head can make us feel like we are losing our freedom, missing out or that there may be something better out there. I witnessed them happening and found out that I could fight through them to remain true to what works best for me and what makes me happy. It took the pressure off and made my commitment to sobriety something that seemed less daunting and more attainable. Her pauses are perfectly placed and the listener has time to actually repeat, reflect, refresh.
God has chosen not to perform those miracles in our day because the reality of Lazarus’ resurrection should be sufficient evidence for us today. So I prayed a simple prayer, I don’t even know what I said, and told Mark to call me when they took off.
Mark did not come back to work as his body was still weak, but he still managed to putt around town and do the things he loved. His girl friend at the time took him to his appts, and so I was not really involved in his second bout. Everyone faces doubts and questions if they are on the right path, so this is truly applicable for everyone.
The New Testament Apostles always credit the miraculous events recorded in the Bible as having their source in God and Jesus Christ also. The whole way back Mark kept saying, how amazed he was not only cancer free, but diabities free. Those through whom God chose to act were mere instruments in the hand s of an omnipotent God. When a person is born again through the agency of the Holy Spirit, that is one of God’s greatest miracles. If miracles were common acts in biblical times and in our times they would no longer be miraculous. Further, there are events that happen in our lives that are such a “coincidental” nature that we find them hard to explain. I told Mark that God had healed him, and he needed to start reading his moms old German bible and see what God had in store of the rest of his life. I believe they may also be times when God intervenes in our lives to protect us, keep us from sin and guide us into His ways. These miracles are all subjective experiences that God bless His people with that are miraculous to the recipients, but do not serve as evidence to others of God’s existence and presence in the world.

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