MiraclesuitA® is a unique and innovative swimsuit that contours, shapes, slims, and firms the body.
Miraclesuit swimwear is designed and engineered to make a woman look slimmer without uncomfortable girdle linings.
The swimwear is designed with varying types of bust support that include soft cups, hidden underwires, foam bras, and foam bras with underwire, so a woman receives the support she desires and needs.
This was like wearing Spanx, super uncomfortable and the back is a different material than the front, and totally see through! There is an extensive range of women’s shapewear products on the market which helps to get a firm and feminine shape from the autumn to the spring, and whilst the garments can be worn comfortably, and all importantly, invisibly, under any clothing, there is the annual dilemma of what to do when bikini season arrives.
The summer means heading to the beach and stripping off, and as invisible as most shapewear is, it certainly isn’t designed for the beach. Miraclesuits are the latest beach fashion sensation and can give you that perfect bikini body, without all the hard work. Tight fitting slimming swimwear is not new; however the latest line of Miraclesuits offers far greater slimming and shaping, thanks to its innovative construction from Miratex® fabric.
The slimming swimwear can give the appearance of losing 10lbs instantly, and will help you to visibly drop a size, whilst drawing attention to all the right places.
Miraclesuits are designed to elegantly enhance the figure, and make one piece swimwear sexy thanks to great new cuts and bold designs.
Miraclesuits swimwear is designed for all chest sizes, and uses a highly comfortable design with a foam padded bra to help push up, without the need for traditional under wiring.

If you were dreading the summer and fitting into a bikini or swimsuit, with Miraclesuit swimwear you really don’t have to, however don’t take our word for it get one for yourself. We apologize, we were unable to find a result based on your search for "miraclesuit shapewear extra firm shape with an edge hi waist brief". Our Site Map offers links to all of the main sections on our site to help you locate different departments quickly. Miratex fabric is used in a way that the greater "pull-back" of the fabric goes around the body, so a woman feels the control of the fabric while it smoothes and slenderizes the body. The suits are designed with details such as shirring and ruching, draping, pleating, and skirts to accentuate the positives and camouflage the trouble areas.
It is super flattering, and definitely makes you feel all sucked in without actually having to do it. It is super cute and really flattering and flattening my belly without feeling like I can't breathe.
Let me tell you, this crafted piece of art contoured and flowed to actually make me forget my porpoise of a belly.
The center cutout did not lay correctly on me and just like the model in the picture, the cups overlapped. Fortunately, all is not lost, with a great range of slimming swimsuits now on the market, which will help you to continue shaping and firming when the clothes come off, to allow you to head to the beach and cool off in the water in super sexy style. They help to draw the eye to all the right places, whilst helping to take the emphasis away from those areas which could do with a little work, to give the illusion of a perfectly shapely hourglass figure.

To create a more effective search, first check your spelling and please watch the space in between each word. I had tried it on and it felt good, then after some wear I started with a bad rub burn where the suit comes across my groin. The swimsuits are great for giving a confidence boost, and help to smooth out all of the major problem areas such as the butt and stomach, whilst helping to lift and hold the bust as well. For anyone who feels that even a slimming swimsuit is not enough, the range includes coordinating pareos, beach skirts and scarves to cunningly draw attention away from problem areas, although with this style of swimsuit it should give you the confidence to do without any extra fabric to cover up.
Or try searching for less specific terms using a single word instead (you can always narrow your search result after you search). Since I wore it in the pool already I can't return it :( Overall I great suit besides the biting bottom. Miraclesuit swimwear is perfect for women with larger busts who need extra support, although Miraclesuit swimwear features a great choice of models for all body types.
Kudos to Zappos for their excellent customer service and willingness to ship it overnight at no charge.

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