I have been affiliated with Aquinas & More since 2002 and I have stayed with them so long because they not only have a great offering of Catholic items, but they have a terrific customer service department, as well. Francis of AssisiFeast Day: September 17Saint Francis was born in 1182 in Assisi, one of the oldest cities of Italy. Tuck these inside greeting cards that you send or add them to a gift package that you are giving. Begin reading on any calendar date and twelve months later you'll have made your way through all seventy-three books of the biblical canon.
And a place for a check mark next to each entry makes it simple to keep track of your progress.
She had to leave her beautiful bedroom and go to one of the stalls of her stable before her baby could be born. The first cradle of Francis was one of straw A— like Jesus.Donna brought up her son in the fear of God. He determined never to refuse anything asked of him in GodA’s name.As Francis grew older, he gathered around him many friends because he was rich and liked to have a good time. These young men spent their time eating and drinking till all hours.He became a partner in his fatherA’s business and spent all his earnings for pleasure. But one day he became ill and had time to think.When he regained his strength he took walks in the country, for he liked mountains, fields, and trees.
He experienced sadness A— but through this sadness God would draw him to Himself.Francis traveled to the south of Italy with an army, hoping to become a famous knight. He left the next morning.Once back home, Francis was again visited by the Lord while walking behind his friends one evening. His heart was filled with joy and peace.One of his friends saw him and asked: A“Why are you so quiet? Dearest God, I have given up to You all my heart and my body, and I really want to do still more for love of You if only I knew how.
Francis led many people back to peace with God.Francis was beginning to have many followers. The first follower was a pious merchant from Assisi named Bernard, who stayed with Francis one night. Later, Peter, a friend of Francis and Bernard, also joined them.Several other men joined the group, and all met at the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels. Many sinners returned to God through their words.There were now twelve people in the group.

Francis wrote a simple Rule of Life for them and decided that they must go to Rome to have their Rule approved by the Pope. He composed a famous poem called the A“Canticle of the SunA” in which he praised God for all His creatures. Drawing near, he said: A“Praise the Lord, my little sisters!A” He talked and they listened.
Francis told them they should be thankful for their food, their sweet voices, their wings, and the other good things God had given them. At the end of the sermon, he blessed them and they all flew away singing joyfully.Francis often went to Mount Alvernia to fast and pray.
On the feast of the Holy Cross, Francis was praying outside his hut and waiting for the sunrise. When the vision ended, he found that his hands, feet, and side had the five wounds of Jesus. He said nothing about this, but the Brothers found blood on his clothes when they went to do the wash, and they knew that he had Our LordA’s wounds on his body.Francis became ill and was near death.
He asked to be carried down from the town of Assisi to the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels. His body was taken first to San Damiano so that the Sisters who had joined Saint Clare, as his followers, could see him for the last time.Then a crowd of people, carrying torches and olive branches, brought the body into Assisi to the Church of Saint George.
Later his remains were transferred to the Church of Saint Francis, which thousands still visit every year. The whole Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Francis on October 4.There is hardly a saint who is more known and loved by Catholics and non-Catholics alike than Saint Francis of Assisi.
The motto of his life was: A“My God and my All!A” He loved God and all His creatures for the love of God. They were all brothers and sisters to him, children of the same Heavenly Father.Saint Francis can help us to get closer to God and Jesus. By imitating him in his love for God and all creatures, we will imitate Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of All.

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