Carol Johnson joined Mitchell Community College in 1974, and currently serves as vice president for continuing education and workforce development. Jimmy Carter got more legislation passed than any other president who served a 4-year term, and more than many presidents who got 8-year terms. Sometimes it takes a long time for someone else to recognize just how good or bad someone was. When leaders make bad decisions, you can usually count on two things that happened for sure.
About Latest Posts Mitch MitchellMitch Mitchell is an independent business consultant specializing in leadership and health care finance issues. On the plus side: Camp David accords, The human rights concerns, unloading the Panama Canal, a sad vestige of colonialism. As for Carter, he was a mixed bag, yet a guy who was brilliant and knew, for the most part, when he had to suck one up for the good of American policy, which he ultimately had to do with the Shah.

Even if a leader does 1000 good things, the single bad one will make him appear like a loser. I am Italian so I can’t talk much about US presidents, but as an example, over here, they still cite Bill Clinton just for the sexual scandal, and nothing else, despite the fact that, from what I heard and read around, he was more than a decent president. And normal people really could have a real view if they cared enough to find the information they want to see.
We should all wish any of our political leaders had Carter’s decency, backbone and vision for the future. It makes me wonder why the MSM and Democrats and Republicans alike feel the need to get their kick in. He is responsible for accounting, human resources, information technology and facilities at Mitchell. Had we followed Carter’s leadership, we would have an entirely different country and world today.

Wilkinson previously served as chief financial officer at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven, Florida and as a financial officer in the Ohio public school system. Johnson earned an associate in arts degree from Mitchell College, a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master's degree from Appalachian State University. Embassy in Tehran without a fight, underestimating an enemy that wasn’t really understood, was unforgivable.

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