As I read the lesson from A Course In Miracles it was like scales fell from my eyes and I just got it.
I then proceeded to write my journal entry for that morning with the pen and it worked beautifully!
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Most people assume that since that I was in the military that I’m naturally a morning person. I started noticing that my blogging activities were turning into mindless Facebook and Buzzfeed sessions. But the craziest thing is that the mornings that I wake up before 5am are usually some of the most productive mornings and days I’ve had in my life. I was elated to have Hal on the podcast to share his journey and what inspired him to start a morning routine.
Get free access to our Money Dominating Tool Kit, and 2 chapters of my best selling book, Soldier of Finance. These resources will give you the tools you need to start building real wealth and positively impact your life today. Share415 Tweet +12 Share6Shares 423We all know that setting our day up for success as soon as you hop out of bed in the morning is REALLY important.

I have a Miracle Morning Routine that has been developed and established and I’ve been able to put into practice. Now that I have this Morning Routine and have been implementing it consistently for over 18 months, I’ve seen some DRAMATIC RESULTS in my life and my business!
I met a guy back in the day when I was spending 2 hours a day calling leads to help build my business and he  was actually one of my leads that I ended up on the phone with.  His name is Hal Elrod and he wrote a book called The Miracle Morning. You can absolutely copy mine or you can use it as a reference and make your own Morning Routine that works for you. As a Bonus, I’m also include my all-time favorite Green Smoothie Recipe that I include in my Morning Routine that gives me a TON of energy, is super healthy, and it tastes Yummy!
I have also found a really cool App that you can download on your iPad or smartphone and this App helps me stay on track throughout my day, starting with my Morning Routine. I have a fantastic appreciation for setting my day up for success first thing in the morning and I wanted to share what I’ve found to create my Miracle Morning so you can create your Miracle Morning as well.
I’ve been able to get more done in less time and finish my day earlier and the rest of the day is mine to do whatever I choose! If you have a morning routine that you love and has helped you in life, please share below. Since you recommended the book in Austin last August, it has been a game-changer for me, Tanya! Melissa Schmalenberger is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. If I am not my body, but a spirit, a soul, then my true self is not bound by the same laws as my body.

For those of you who are new here, you may not know that I have been keeping a spiritual journal for a while now. I was wrongfully convincing myself that I was being productive but the truth was finally coming out.
The way you start your day determines the success you are going to have throughout the rest of your day. I’d wake up and I knew I had a big To-Do List, but I found, I wasn’t getting everything done, especially my Money Making Activities. He told me that he and Hal were writing The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers and asked if they could feature me in the book!
I love to sleep in until 9am or 10am, but for the last 18 months, I have been waking up by 7:30am in the morning. I also was not a morning person but since I started doing my miracle mornings, I am way more focused and I now enjoy waking up early!
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It was like knowledge was being uploaded into my head, adding more to what I learned this morning.
I then pictured how I, as a created being, part of the larger created universe, and made up of the same stuff, must have the same abilities as it all.

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