This pick 4 frequency analyzer displays the number of games played since every number 0-9 has been picked. Saturday's drawing produced 450,710 Powerball winners, but unfortunately no one was lucky enough to match all six Powerball winning numbers and take home the $40 million jackpot check. Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure the Powerball winning numbers are correct, however mistakes can happen. Donna DiegelLottery ExaminerDonna Diegel is a published author, freelance writer, pastry chef, recipe developer, former caterer and party planner.
The good news is the jackpot rolled over and is now worth a whopping $50 million for the next drawing. One Florida Powerball winner matched all six Powerball winning numbers, including the red Powerball number for the Saturday, May 18 drawing.
You can find Donna writing for Providence Holidays, Providence Food, Rhode Island Restaurant, Food Media, Paula Deen, and Martha Stewart. Look after your passengers, keep your train operational, and make sure you can always reach the next station.

Hear the beloved 8-bit Nintendo Game Theme beautifully arranged and performed by Sonya Belousova in a video by Tom Grey. Fortunately, there was one (1) Match 5 + 0 Powerball winner that managed to win $1 million from the New York Lottery. Five (5) of those Powerball winners purchased the Power Play option which instantly increased their prize to $50,000. Read the article Florida Powerball lottery winner Gloria MacKenzie claims massive $590M jackpot for more details.
She's a live-aboard sailor, sci-fi addict, and absolutely adores cheesecake, coconut and lime.
The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design.
Though every number theoretically has an equal chance of being picked, some numbers happen to get picked more often than others. The $1 million Powerball winner matched five out of six Powerball winning numbers, but not the red Powerball number for the second-tier prize.

Each winner matched four out of five Powerball winning numbers, AND the red Powerball number for the third-tier prize. Wednesday's estimated jackpot is an incredible $50 million annuity, or $28.2 million for a one-time cash lump-sum payment. Had the New York Powerball winner spent an extra dollar on the Power Play option, their prize would have instantly doubled from $1 million to $2 million.
Tickets cost $2 each, and another $1 for the Power Play option which could instantly multiply your prize winnings.

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