As a voice coach I am working with people’s voices every day but there is one aspect of my work which really matters to me and that is vocal health. Teaching, preaching, acting, being a politician, a manager or a call centre agent – all these jobs require the use of the voice. Many things influence the effectiveness with which you speak: physical ease and breathing, the ability to handle stress, remaining flexible in demanding situations and lifestyle choices, will all impact on your vocal health. In 1998 it became a registered charity and has now developed strong links with the main teaching unions and over 60 local authorities who have received workshops. Earlier this year I had the great honour to be invited to join the board of trustees of the Voice Care Network.
It is not surprising that with that much negativity going on, most people will avoid it if they can. Sometimes a business role requires this skill and those who have it can persuade, inform and motivate more effectively than those who don’t. I believe that, as with other problems in life, if you have enough understanding of what works and what doesn’t, you can reduce the fear.
A conclusion which requires action on the part of the audience and leaves them with something memorable.
A relaxed body without distracting movement or gesture (ask someone else if you’re not sure). Good clarity – this is mainly about controlling the pace so that you have time to think and speak precisely. Have you ever sat in an audience and hoped that the speaker would be rubbish?   No, of course you haven’t! If you still need help, come and join me on 17 April at Leicester for a short day course for beginners.
I hope these ideas help you to improve your effectiveness at your next networking event or new client meeting. Whether you are using COMMUNICATION to reach a potential client on the phone, INFORMING an audience about your business when PUBLIC SPEAKING or MOTIVATING your team at a weekly briefing, you need your SPEAKING MUSCLES.

Imagine air spreading up your chest and expand the ribs upwards and outwards (using the intercostal muscles) This will push the diaphragm down and free the lungs to fill. To strengthen the muscles in this part of the body, practice the action whenever you can – driving is ideal. The last part of the voice’s journey is when the note is turned into speech in the mouth. The strength of the LIPS and TONGUE will impact on your ability to make all your words AUDIBLE and CLEAR. Science tells us that when we hear well projected, precise speech, we subconsciously associate that with a CONFIDENT, WELL EDUCATED speaker.
Circle the tongue around the teeth with the lips closed – left x 4, right x 4, left x 2, right x 2. Try to remember your experiences of Presence: the moments when personal energy connected you to the world and you received energy back from that connection.
Perhaps it’s the moment you completely understood an idea, the clouds in your mind part and the light enters. When you are not present you are in danger whether you are in the jungle or in the world of WORK. I look forward to sharing more thoughts on VOICE, COMMUNICATION and PUBLIC SPEAKING during the year.
Nothing seems to anatomically, chemically and beneficially alter your brain the way MUSIC can.
Worldwide 15 million people suffer strokes every year and speech difficulties are one of the most common outcomes. More recently research in the 1970’s found that when a stroke damaged areas in the left hemisphere of the brain, which crucially affects language, music training can cause regions on the undamaged right side of the brain to produce SPEECH instead. With Alzheimer’s there is no cure on the horizon but psychologist Dr Victoria Williamson of the University of Sheffield had found that music can alleviate real symptoms like depression and anxiety. This then brings us back to what music ultimately is:  A form of SOCIAL navigation via SOUND.

When you meet someone for the first time you assess how you feel about them, subconsciously, very quickly. Generally, faces that are babyish (think less pointy, with a high forehead) are rated as more trustworthy. Recent research suggests we can override personality signals given off by our facial features. Many experts argue that humans show 6 basic emotions via 6 core expressions: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, sadness and happiness. Recent research by the University of Glasgow suggests that there can be different responses to facial expressions from Westerners and East Asians.
The research, from the University of South Australia, suggests that more emotionally expressive people tend to pose with the left cheek on show and observers assume that right-cheek posers are more scientific. So, be warned, as we present ourselves to others in our profile pictures, what are you unwittingly revealing in yours?
Robert Pruitt Receives The Influencer Award from Alphonso Roundtree, former Miami Dolphin and Founder & Executice Director Of The Grid Iron Foundation. Robert provides leadership training and motivational address for Operation Smile internationally Read more.. Robert provides leadership development and motivational addresses for Operation Smile, Inc. Robert Pruitt leading a Community Service Project with the National Student Leadership Conference. Robert Pruitt with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice Leadership Development Institute Participants.

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