Last night Lifetime aired a new movie called Killing Daddy, in which they indulged in their favorite pastime — portraying mentally ill people as evil cliches, but then at the end declaring, “But wait!
When the truck Callie stole from Jake (which is the quintessential dirtbag boyfriend name, by the way) breaks down, she decides to call home, in Philadelphia, where a woman named Emma (Cynthia Stevenson, whom I’ve seen in approximately everything, yet nothing on her IMDb page rings a bell) tells her that her father had a stroke. I was under the impression that Callie wasn’t actually crazy, she dropped the gun at teh end because she saw that she was out of options and figured getting high in a mental hospital was better than going to jail for the rest of her life.
We hear some some bluesy song about a troubled woman being haunted by her past or something equally on-the-nose. That simply will not do, so Callie finds his old will, from before they had their falling out and before he and the housekeeper were getting it on.

Now all she has to do is get the family lawyer (Tom Barnett) drunk, sleep with him, record herself sleeping with him, and use that as blackmail to get him to use the old will once her father’s dead. We learn through flashbacks that Callie became troubled as well, and her father sent her to an institution. It is a bit misleading, though, since the girl doesn’t do the daddy-killing directly.
She has one of those typical Lifetime movie names where it takes hearing it approximately fifty times to understand what people are saying.
She does, however, do it to the tune of the most literal soundtrack in Lifetime movie history.

Even though her dad is incapacitated, he’s still able to give her WTF face after WTF face.
Once someone called her Calista, a name I was barely aware existed outside the Flockhart family, that cleared things up a bit. Callie’s a bad seed, as evidenced by her skinny eyebrows and dark makeup against pale skin.

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