It’s a poorly kept secret that celebrities head over to Japan to hawk products in return for big bucks. Following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Mansion has recently done an Axe Deodorant commercial for Japan!
So if anyone in Japan spot’s Sean Mansion on a giant billboard, snap a photo and forward it to us! The paper quality and oversize format will make this magazine look more like a coffee table book rather than a magazine in your home or place of business. It’s an awesome article, one of our favorite interviews and its definitely worth a read. Shock Mansion & Atomic Fashion Marketing in American Magazine – Heavy Hitters Issue 12!
Inside they have some very exclusive interviews with yours truly and Horiyoshi the Third as well as the true-to-life stories that have made Heavy Hitters Magazine what it is today.

We have hit the front page of Famous Stars & Straps Official Website a few times now…they are family! Bound By Ink is a tattoo lifestyle magazine from the creative team that brought you the always rad, Heavy Hitters Magazine. We’d like to thank everyone behind Bound By Ink magazine, it looks bloody awesome mates. The entire issue is packed full of awesome articles so make sure you pick up your copy when it hits news stands soon! Chakota Magazine is based in Mexico and has published an 8 page article on Shock Mansion and our photography. Magazine is an American multi-diverse cultural entertainment lifestyle magazine where high society and pop culture cross paths with one another and get sophisticatively uncensored. The issue is packed full of entertaining stuff, everything from snowboarding, FMX to MMA fighters so if you see it in your local newsagent check it out dudes!

We’d like to thank Tattoo Magazine for being such amazing people to work with, cheers!
The theme for the entire issue is UFO’s and space, so our recent photographic work fit perfectly.
The hottest celebrity interviews, business options strategies, high end fashion production, current events, sex, politics, and top of the line visuals of your favorite celebrities, places, and parties. Apparently having heaps of tattoos doesn’t fly well with certain areas of the Japanese market.

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