March 31, 2016 by Mike Ferreira Leave a Comment 31Share on Pinterest10Readers, I have a bit of a problem. And yet, every single year, I find myself dropping far too much cash on DVDs, Blu-Rays, and goodies that will likely remain untouched for months to come. Then, there’s the Bad Anime Night titles, which I can replenish without breaking the bank.
In short, though, wallets weep, common sense dies painfully, and I have a slow realization of the horrors I’ve unleashed come Sunday morning.

Each year I go in, promising that I won’t over-spend, only buy the essentials, and generally behave. It’s a truly magical place, where that long-lost title can simply pop up, as if out of nowhere. I tell myself I’ll stick to the budget, and leave Boston with a few bucks in my pocket. Again, I found myself dropping into my old collector’s mindset, as I binge-bought the myriad must-haves.

Each time I step in, I my eyes begin to wander from booth to booth, looking for shows that live near the back of my radar, or odds and ends that I’ve wanted to own but never got around to purchasing.

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