A wonderfully written and engaging memoir of Jacqueline Wilson's life as a teenager - her problems with her family, first love, her school life and her friends. Dieses eBook wird im epub-Format geliefert und ist mit einem Adobe DRM-Kopierschutz versehen. Sie das eBook auf Ihr tolino GerA┬Ąt mit einer kostenlosen Software wie beispielsweise Adobe Digital Editions.

Bei als portofrei markierten Produkten bezieht sich dies nur auf den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands. Read extracts from her real secret teenage diaries and the stories she wrote as a teenager, to build up a fascinating picture of a real teenager and her inner life.
Covering issues as diverse as the songs she danced to and the way she created beehive hairdos to her troubled school life and her parents' problematic relationship.

Written in Jacqueline's usual and inimitable style, this will be fascinating reading for her fans, and for anyone who's interested in life in the UK in the Fifties and Sixties.

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