Law of Success lays out 13 proven success principles that have produced countless millionaires in various endevors. Among these principles are the importance of overcoming common fears, developing a burning desire to achieve your dream, persistence in your efforts, the importance of autosuggestion and visualization, and others. This book is the culmination of Napoleon Hill's more than 20 years of studying and interviewing successful people. However, some of the most successful people consistently praise the book and many have said that reading it was an important part of their journey to success. If you apply all the principles Mr Hill mentions, throughout your life, you have no reason not to succeed. Twenty years of research had gone into the writing, and the results of his study were so exhaustive that the final manuscript was published in eight separate volumes.Five hundred of the most famous self-made multimillionaires had invited Napoleon Hill into their homes and businesses to study their habits, analyze their methods, and learn their secrets of success. This workbook is designed to guide you through Think and Grow Rich and explain it so clearly that by the time you come to the last page you will know the book and understand it better than devoted students who have read it many times over.KEYED TO THE FORMAT OF THE BOOKIt's like having your own personal instructor leading you through the book, guiding your study, and explaining how to read each chapter so that you see clearly, learn quickly, and understand completely. It also helps you to discover and develop the real you, what you really dream of and how to reach your goals.Success does not happen either by hope or by chance.
The hallmark of the original edition was that in every chapter Napoleon Hill cited real-life examples based on his firsthand knowledge.
Nobody is better qualified than Napoleon Hill to answer your questions about getting ahead in tough times.The Best Secrets of SuccessAll in One BookWhat Would Napoleon Hill Do? What Napoleon Hill offers is a complete philosophy of personal achievement that will teach you methods to create success consciousness within yourself, and it will provide you with a detailed blueprint for achieving that success. The result is a highly practical program of commentaries, exercises, questionnaires, and intellectual tools created specifically to make Think and Grow Rich the most important book you have ever read. Think and Grow Rich: The Gold Standard Collector’s Edition is a book that will not just change what you think—it will change the way you thinkTHIS IS THE PERFECT EDITION TO GIVE AS A GIFT OR KEEP IN YOUR OWN LIBRARYMuch more than simply a reprint of Think and Grow Rich, this is the most detailed, complete and wide-ranging exploration of Napoleon Hill’s most influential work. You now possess a guide to greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life - personal, spiritual as well as financial. As this updated edition shows, in example after example, the proof that Napoleon Hill's seventeen Principles of Success are still guiding those who succeed is as current as today's bestseller list or this morning's Wall Street Journal.
For the first time, research editors have gone through his two bestsellers—Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich—meticulously examining each chapter to find the very best explanation of Hill's Principles of Success.
This course is founded on no creed or brand but consists of fundamentals of all enduring success and all constructive human achievement in every field of human endeavor.
The key concepts of the individual principles were then carefully analyzed, cross-referenced, and combined into superchapters that present the most detailed yet easy-to-understand explanation ever published of each of the Principles of Success.By focusing each new superchapter on just one principle, and by assembling the material for each superchapter from throughout the original books, What Would Napoleon Hill Do? This is for those who want to understand it and put it to use in real life.With its gold embossed jacket and elegant interior this is also the edition every book lover will want to have in their library, every parent will want to pass on to their children, and every mentor will want to give as a gift to celebrate a graduation, a new job, or to mark the important milestones on the road to success. It describes the modus operandi by which one may plant aims, plans, or purposes in the subconscious mind, where they begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent. It describes the STARTING POINT of all successful achievement.Lesson 2 - Master Mind AllianceSuccess is attained through POWER. POWER is acquired through coordination of effort intelligently directed, through two or more minds working in harmony towards a DEFINITE END. Over the next twenty years Hill analyzed 16,000 personality profiles covering the spectrum from average working people to multimillionaires, and he personally interviewed more than 100 of the most famous self-made men who explained in detail the secrets they used to pull themselves out of poverty and create their success.The resulting book, published in 1928, used the collective wisdom of America's greatest achievers to formulate the success philosophy for the common man that Andrew Carnegie had commissioned Hill to write. Law of Success offered a specific system for achievement based on 16 Principles of Success that anyone could master and put to use. It describes the source of wealth of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and more than 300 Americans of equal achievement. The book was an instant bestseller.Think and Grow RichA year later, in 1929, the stock market crashed and America slipped into the Great Depression.

It describes the working principle by which every brain becomes both a broadcasting station and a receiving station for the vibration of THOUGHT.
Then in 1937, as America was beginning to see glimmerings of hope that the Depression might end, Hill convinced his publisher that America now needed a book to help shake off the mental and emotional stigma of those terrible times.It had been nine years since the publication of Law of Success, and by this time the total number of interviews collected by Hill and his associates had grown to 25,000. His personal interviews now exceeded more than 500 individuals, many of whom were the leaders of the industries that were spearheading America's recovery.Hill went back, refined and restructured his updated research, added new material that he had written for his lecture series and the two magazines that he published, and blended them together into a new manuscript. This book, titled Think and Grow Rich, has gone on to become the best-selling success book in the history of publishing.The Best of Both BooksBy combining the key concepts from both of these books, and by comparing, contrasting, and offering new commentary on each of them, What Would Napoleon Hill Do? This will not only provide a solid grounding in the basics of the philosophy, but it also allows for a better understanding of Hill's later elaborations and refinements.The result is a practical program that is direct, to the point, and trimmed of any extraneous material and embellishment. It serves as a connecting link in the application of the principles of the Master Mind and A Definite Aim.
This is Napoleon Hill's Philosophy of Personal Achievement that has been transformed into a clear and concise action plan. It contains nothing but the A material, the best of the best, narrowed down and focused on the ideas, concepts, techniques, and methods that you can actually put to use in your life. It describes the method of applying the principle of AUTOSUGGESTION.Lesson 4 - Going the Extra MileThis lesson constitutes a very practical philosophy of achievement by itself. It describes how to induce an employer to recognize outstanding ability and how to persuade him to compensate such ability adequately.
It describes the law of INCREASING RETURNS and shows how to take advantage of the law in marketing personal services or commodities.
It describes how anyone can attract the SPOTLIGHT OF FAVORABLE attention at will and without cost.
It describes a form of strategy in the achievement of financial success, which the majority of people never discover.Lesson 5 - Pleasing PersonalityThis lesson is the equivalent of a complete course on Master Salesmanship because it teaches the art of selling one's way through life successfully. It teaches the art of harmonious negotiation with those who are belligerent and rebellious.
It explains the law of HARMONIOUS ATTRACTION and tells how to apply that law in gaining the cooperation of others.
It describes how both the MONEY and the prestige of influential and wealthy people may be gained for the asking. It describes the method by which one can attract the attention of those who are willing to FOLLOW.
It teaches how to stop the waste of nervous energy, through the negative emotions, and how to harness this energy for constructive, creative purposes. IT TEACHES ONE HOW TO BECOME COMPLETE MASTER OF ONE'S THOUGHTS AND DEEDS!Lesson 10 - Accurate ThinkingThis lesson teaches the disadvantages of OPINIONS, which have not been reached by analyzing FACTS. It tells why riches in great abundance are accumulated through the vibration of THOUGHT, and not by the application of brawn. It explains the agent, which carries the vibrations of THOUGHT from one mind to another and tells how to make use of this agent. It explains the principle of operation of AUTOSUGGESTION.Lesson 12 - TeamworkThis lesson explains the difference between COOPERATION and the MASTER MIND. It explains why an individual cannot accumulate great POWER without the cooperation of other people.
It teaches how to combine the Master Mind principle and the principle of Cooperation effectively.
It describes how one can remove the limitations of one's mind, which have resulted from repeated defeat. It proves that there is no such condition as failure (with a few rare exceptions) except that which the individual accepts as such in his or her own mind.

It described how Edison attracted the major portion of his IDEAS through the CREATIVE faculty of his imagination.Lesson 15 - Sound HealthThis lesson outlines the simple items of diet and describes the habits of physical and mental exercise necessary to maintain a healthy, vigorous body. It shows how to save TIME as well as money and how to make the same amount of time yield a greater income than it formerly yielded.
It teaches the art of SPENDING as well as the principle of SAVING as a means of acquiring riches.
Decide what you want, find out how to get it, and then take daily action toward achieving your goal. Applied faith is the adaptation of the power received from Infinite Intelligence to a definite major purpose.Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought. When faith is added to thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence. For it is inevitable that every seed of useful service you sow will multiply itself and come back to you in overwhelming abundance.Put your mind to work. The attitudes you transmit to others will tell more about yourself than the words you say or how you look.
You can generate enthusiasm by your thoughts, feelings and emotions.It is essential that you develop a Pleasing Personality - pleasing to yourself and others.Scroll Six - Personal InitiativePersonal initiative bears the same relationship to an individual that a self-starter bears to an automobile! It is the power that assures completion of anything one begins.Personal initiative is the inner power that starts all action. It is the dynamo that spurs the faculty of your imagination into action and inspires you to finish what you start. It inspires action and is the most contagious of all emotions.Enthusiasm is a combination of mental and physical energy which is seldom found in an ailing body.
We have the power of self-determination, the ability to choose what our thoughts and actions will be. Only by so doing can you think clearly and accurately.Accurate thinkers permit no one to do their thinking for them.
It is an act which can be achieved only by the strictest sort of self-discipline.Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose.
This is concentration.Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want!Scroll Twelve - TeamworkTeamwork is the willing cooperation and coordination of effort to achieve a common goal. Realize this statement, and believe in it.Close the door of your mind on all the failures and circumstances of your past so your mind can operate in a Positive Mental Attitude.
Every problem has a solution - only you have to find it!If you develop an "I don't believe in defeat attitude," you will learn that there is no such thing as defeat - until you accept it as such! It's better to cure the thing that caused it.Whatever you possess, material, mental or spiritual, you must use it or lose it.You are a mind with a body! Since your brain controls your body, know that sound physical health is dependent upon a Positive Mental Attitude. Establish sound, well-balanced health habits in work, play, rest, nourishment and study, and develop and maintain positive thought habits. You have the power to break bad habits and to create good ones in their place - at will.You are where you are and what you are because of your established habits and thoughts and deeds.

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