There are a total of three draws, Irish Lotto Main Draw, Irish Lotto plus 1 Draw and Irish Lotto plus 2 Draw, each Wednesday and Saturday evening. However, you can bet on the outcome of the Irish National Lottery with fixed odds betting, called Irish Lucky Numbers.
Workplaces throughout the UK have syndicates, with some even able to afford fun nights out after winning a couple of hundred pounds. The idea behind them is that players get to be part of more entries because of how much money gets poured in.
What this means is that the odds of winning are greatly improved, hence why so many people participate in them. However, there are not really any examples of regular syndicates for scratch cards, but there has been recent news that could change this in the future.?40 Scratch Card Win Leads to More A pair of couples from the UK decided to go on a brief holiday to a Center Parcs resort for some relaxing time away.

During their time at the resort, the couples decided to pool their resources and buy some scratch cards. Claire and Malcolm Sills and their friends Martin and Claire Tait were pleased to learn that they had managed to win ?40 from playing the scratch cards.
Feeling buoyant after their win, the popular opinion of the couples was that the money should be spent on a lavish round of celebratory drinks. However, one of the husbands had a better idea for spending the winnings.Winnings Spent on EuroMillions Martin Tait wisely suggested to his three other holiday companions that they should spend the money on another ticket for the then upcoming EuroMillions lotto draw.
EuroMillions is a National Lottery competition that attracts lotto players from all over Europe who enter with the hope of winnings up tens of millions of pounds.
Everyone subsequently agreed with Martin and the money was spent on EuroMillions.Scratch Card Leads to ?1m Win Following the holiday the couples went back to their daily lives and got on with things.

It was during this time that the EuroMillions draw was held, and there was an exciting out come from the couples. One of their EuroMillions tickets had led to a win worth ?1 million, but none of them were inititally aware of this.
Martin kept the winning ticket in his pocket for nearly three days before he finally checked the numbers.

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