This is such a bizarre claim for anybody to make, leave alone the National Lottery, that it always has me scratching my head. Of course there can be temporary clusters of winners in different areas that are simply the result of chance. The top five regions in yearly spend, counting all respondents and not just participants, were (in order) Scotland, Wales, East of England, North East and Midlands (Table 13, p 40). This could be used as a "happiness" measure, which will have a standard of living component.
Camelot chief executive, Andy Duncan, said the figures would have been better but for the competition from the Health Lottery and Peoplea€™s Postcode Lotterya€?We have got concerns about competition. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

If it’s possible for some areas to win consistently more prizes than their purchase of tickets warrants, then there is something wrong with the way the Lottery selects its winners.
The low figure recorded for Northern Ireland may be attributable to competition from the Irish Lottery, I would guess. The papers are willing to 'believe' anything and between them and the PR men they have a cosy love-fest going on.
Those who are happiest, or most content in some sense, are less llikely to buy lottery tickets.
It would be interesting to compare a map of ticket sales against a map of winners, but all it would show is that, over a reasonable period of time, they were the same. Otherwise, the distribution of prizes reflects fairly well what is known about participation in lotteries, which is higher among lower socioeconomic  groups.

But the Theos survey has its limitations, covering a total of 1,019 respondents, so its regional breakdowns are based on small numbers. South West: low population density, nice weather, faiirly well off - no surprise fewer people buy tickets. It also tells us that the Midlands, including several large conurbations, is a happy place compared to the North. The more sales, the more winners, if the lottery operator Camelot is doing its job properly.

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