Johannesburg, South Africa - National Lottery's Powerball winning numbers from Tuesday are 44, 8, 45, 11, 23 and Powerball 2. Earlier this month, a winning ticket worth R 16 million expired and the player is no longer eligible to claim the prize as the draw was held over a year ago.
If you are at all familiar with the South Africa Lotto games that are available from the popular South Africa National Lottery a€“ you will be aware that there is a growing lottery portfolio brought to you by Gidani a€“ the company that organises the SA Lottery. We have written in great detail about certain South African Lottery games on offer from the South African National Lottery a€“ Lotto SA a€“ for which you are now able to play lottery online a€“ just pop over to the Global Lottery Review World Lotteries page for a complete list of national lottery games and world lotteries with their individual pages of review where you can learn a lot more. The South African Lotto a€“ SA Lotto a€“ has been the most popular South African Lottery game for many years since its introduction back in March 2000 by the South Africa National Lottery.
To find out more information on the Lotto SA just click the link above for a detailed review. The South African Lotto PLUS is an SA Lottery additional game that can be played alongside your entry into the South African Lotto.
In the SportStake game from the South African National Lottery a€“ you have to correctly forecast the results from various football matches.

The Wina Manje games from the South African National Lottery are the many varied and different Scratch Card games that are available. Lotto game from the South Africa National Lottery and gives full game information that will enable you to choose and play your favourite South African Lottery with ease and confidence. We will a€“ over time a€“ be looking at even more South Africa Lottery games and will add them to this South African National Lottery overview section as and when we review them. For the time being a€“ we hope you enjoy reading about the main games from Lotto South Africa a€“ the Powerball South Africa and the South African Lotto. South Africa's National Lottery - The Powerball winning numbers for Tuesday, April 17, 2012 are 14, 15, 29, 30, 34 and Powerball 7.
As of April 17, the biggest jackpots in the world are Italy's Superenalotto ($112 million), Powerball ($131 million), Mega Millions ($53 million), EuroMillions ($34 million), and Australia's OZ Lotto ($31 million). The record lottery jackpot to have been won on the Powerball South Africa to date has been a fantastic R 102 Million which was won in June 2011. For just a further R 1.50 you get an extra chance of winning the lottery when you play the SA Lotto with Lotto PLUS.

The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design.
When you are playing the South African Powerball you have a total of 8 different ways in which you are able to win the lottery. To date a€“ the biggest jackpot won on the South Africa Lotto has been a huge R 44.7 Million which was won on February 15th 2003. The SA Lotto flagship game from the National Lottery South Africa offers you a grand total of 7 separate ways that you can win the lotto.

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