The South African national lotto has got a christmas gift to the lucky ones, this weekend, 28 November 2009, the lotto jackpot is guaranteed to a cool R10 million.
Other games also this weekend has got awesome jackpots though not guaranteed, sportstake is estimated at R900 000.00 after the mid week rollover, and the Powerball lotto is estimated at R6 Million. The man uses about R100.00 every week on lottery tickets and managed to beat the odds of about 24 million. Powerball lotto is most popular in the UK, Australia, Greece, USA and New Zealand and those of you who have tried this game from these countries will know that the prices are gigantic. From next month, South African national lotto players will be having more options on which lotto game to play. All our lotto players you will be informed about the first winner(s)  of the first jackpot soon, as our promise that to play lotto online with us its a pleasure for we will inform you about all the latest news.
Testimony from the State witnesses was accepted and they were found to have corroborated one another in identifying Canterbury as the man who gave the orders. By 2006, however, it is believed he resorted to running a drug business with the little he had left of his fortune. One might have been questioning himself or herself about what happens when the lotto rollover is not won towards the special draws, the national lotto operating board has to answer this. Questions over the rollover first emerged in June after an R8-million lotto jackpot was not won and the following draw was a R10-million guaranteed jackpot which had been advertised prior to the R8m draw.
Some players felt in the event of a rollover, it should have been added to the guaranteed R10m jackpot which in that case would have taken the total to R18m. She said in the case of the jackpot on June 24 which was an estimated R8m, the prize payment was R7,2m.

CHARITIES displeased with the South African National Lottery Board’s lack of fund disbursement are preparing to take it to court, with the help of the Democratic Alliance.
The government is planning to make it easier for charities to qualify for lotto money, an official said today. Charities waiting for the national lottery (Lotto) to process or pay out grants could get free legal assistance, the Democratic Alliance said on Monday. Party spokesperson Patricia Kopane said a law firm had approached them with an offer of free assistance to charity, arts or sports organisations to take the Lotto to court. This will change somebody’s bank account, and start friendships with the bank managers.
The man has chosen to be unonymous like before, he runs a successful business and he plans to venture into property development this time.
He is the first South African to win the national lotto twice in a life time, the most times anyone had won the lottery was three – a man from Idaho in the US. We have done it again, we are the first online lotto agent to offer Sportstake online, and we are giving you the platform again to win huge on the biggest African lottery. Taking into account the probability of making it to the first division, rollovers are inevitable and jackpots are likely to sky rocket to above R100 Million. The DA last week revealed that the board responsible for distributing cash to needy entities had not effectively done so.
The lotto fund distribution process needed to be sped up, Zodwa Ntuli, the deputy director general of consumer and corporate regulation at the trade and industry ministry said. While its a norm with the South African national lotto to offer awesome jackpots like once every month, none was expecting this so soon after the R30 million powerball jackpot won last month on the 23rd of October by a Polokwane man.

The players must know how to play the game and know that it’s just a game, by the end of the day there will be winners and there will be losers, above all losers are not losers since all the proceeds will go to good causes. Punters has to choose five numbers from the pool of fourty five and one powerball number from the pool of twenty. The first jackpot is guaranteed at R30 Million and the first sa powerball draw and results will be available on the 23rd October 2009, 9:30 PM South African time. The cost of one ticket or board will cost R3.50, and there is no powerball plus on this game.
The party has now teamed up with a law firm to offer free legal advice to charities seeking Lotto cash, and rally them to court action. The draws will be on Tuesday and Friday, will be launched on the 16th of October with the first draw estimated to be on the 23th. The first estimated jackpots on sa powerball game is said to be R30 million, but we can assure you that this one will be higher than the lotto, lotto plus and sportstake games. Given its trick stutas (the probability of getting one ticket is over 24 million) and the new rule over rollovers we might see us having jackpots beyond the biggest jackpot won in South Africa national lotto before of R40 Million.

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