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Natural Resource Management, Kenya About the project The Community Savings and Loans project (previously Natural Resource Management project) is a partnership with Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development, an indigenous community-based development organization based in Ugunja, Siaya district, Nyanza Province, Kenya. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The State Natural Resource Management Plan is a statutory five-year plan required under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 with a 50-year vision prepared by the State Natural Resources Management Council to assess the state and condition of the natural resources of South Australia. It also sets policies, goals, priorities and strategies to promote integrated and ecologically sustainable use of natural resources. FREE browser upgrades are available for the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. The project has come about out of a dire need to combat the devastating environmental degradation caused by human activity along river Nzoia in the newly created Ugenya district in Kenya (population 187,000).

There has been a significant loss of ecosystem, forest, biodiversity and wetlands due to mismanagement of the resources.
The plan is reviewed as required, but must be reviewed at least every five years.To learn more about each step of water policies and plans, click on the links below the diagram. Hold four public dialogue forums to increase environmental awareness amongst the community.3. To date, five tree nurseries have already been established, 2 in local communities and 3 in primary schools. Each member can put a case forward to the group for why they need a loan; the group then decides if it should be granted. Donated funds through Sustainable Table support 70% of the start-up costs and each CSL group or individual must contribute 30%. Scientists Participating In Collaborative Catchment ManagementTRIED And TRUE Or Just Plain TIRED?Fish For The Future.

This ensures that there is personal ownership of any assets that are purchased to help get the business started.In December 2011, a total of 103 CSL groups had been set-up translating to approximately 2060 households.
Through this, a number of groups have initiated alternative livelihood options through joint venture such as indigenous poultry keeping, vegetable farming, and grain farming. Her community approached her to be a part of a local community savings and loans program and she was able to turn her life around, find a home and start a small business.Project update 2012In 2012, Sustainable Table is providing further funding to support Tembea in strengthening the capacity of communities they work with to effectively and efficiently address the underlying and emerging natural resource management challenges. Tembea will be working to expand the Community Savings and Loans program to reach out to a further 3600 households in the region.

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