Aandacht voor de levensreis zélf voorkomt vervreemding van onszelf en onze omgeving en helpt ons de verbinding terug te vinden met ons leven en de plaats waar we nu zijn.
New York Life Coaching provides an oasis for busy New Yorkers and world citizens to pause, reflect, and tune in to their own greatness, before taking their next big leap forward. New Vibe Training is committed to offering informative, relevant, and motivational books and other products that are intended to enlighten, educate, empower, and inspire you to lead a more productive and enjoyable life, both personally and professionally. Foundations for Coach Leadership is a two-day requisite for the ICF Coach Certification Course provided by New Vibe Training.
Do I have to take the Foundations for Coach Leadership (FFCL) course before I enroll in the ICF Certified Professional Coach Training (CORE) course? Since 2002, Carl Casanova and New Vibe Training in Portland, Oregon have been preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the interpersonal communication skills necessary for success.
As an ICF approved Certified Professional Coach Training Program (CORE), New Vibe Training graduates will be eligible to pursue their ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials following completion of our ACSTH program. We tailor our courses to the needs of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders through flexible scheduling and moderate class sizes, which maximize learning.

Contact New Vibe Training today for more information about our life coaching courses and more in Portland, Oregon. Ieder persoon heeft een eigen levensreis, met allerlei verschillende paden, routes, wendingen en bestemmingen.
Students receive 24 ICF accredited coach specific training hours (ACSTH) which will be applied to the CORE course for a total of 126 hours. Due to course scheduling and timing, it may be in your favor to begin the CORE and take the Foundations for Coach Leadership course sometime during the six months you are in the CORE. Scheduling is usually every couple of months for two full days, Saturday & Suday, 9 am – 6 pm.
We design our life coach training certification programs to cultivate the strengths and goals of our students, while maintaining a balance within their personal and professional lives. Our multi-disciplinary scope uses various fields to strengthen skills in corporate development, family life, anger management, and couples communication.
De reis kan innerlijk zijn, maar kan ook letterlijk voor jou een reis naar een nieuw land betekenen.

LOCATION:  New Vibe Training Headquarters, Portland, Oregon 97223 Anger, if not managed, can run up an expensive tab on your relationships, your career, and your life. Soms wordt onze reis gekenmerkt door veel beweging en verandering, anderzijds kan een belangrijk onderdeel van onze reis zijn om juist stil te staan. Equipping you to advance your life purpose for decisive change at New Vibe Training.  Our coach training courses are a perfect fit for anyone searching for more out of life both in their careers and relationships. Research shows that individuals who acquire the tools and skills to manage anger are more productive, reach deeper levels of love and affection for self and others, and live a longer life. The investment in one of our Anger Management courses will help you achieve the results you want at home, at work, and in your personal life.

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