PSA Airline’s previous Manager of Ground Training, Captain Brad Tulin, has stepped in to fill the newly-developed position of Fleet Manager for PSA. The addition of the Fleet Manager position coincides with a great number of recent preparations done by PSA’s training department. Within the next two years, PSA’s fleet will grow to more than 120 aircraft, and with this growth will come a new set of challenges.
He accepted the position only after researching other airlines and confirming PSA’s potential for growth.

He was quickly promoted to Supervisor of Ground Training (during which time he completed captain upgrade training).
Since the announcement of the 900 fleet, the training department has been challenged with training, checking, and certifying over 700 pilots. The Fleet Manager position has been developed to help overcome these challenges and prepare the PSA Airlines Training Department for the influx of changes.
Brad flew as a First Officer for six months before being invited to join the training department as a part-time instructor.

To continue to meet the challenges of this growth, the training department has more than tripled its staff, added additional simulators, a level 4 Flight Training Device, implemented IPad-based training for new hires, and much more.

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