I am studying at the New York Film Academy for their hands-on programs that enable you to build a portfolio. I wrote and talked to you last summer when Taos was coming from Singapore to participate in the New York Film Academy film course near Wall Street, with lodging included. After this year of the New York Film Academy, I will be attending the campus in Los Angeles to earn my Master’s Degree in Filmmaking. Once I graduate NYFA, I plan on getting an internship with Warner Brothers studio or another huge production company.
Oddly enough, after researching all the best film and acting schools world-wide, what closed the deal for me was a very beautiful musical student film I’d fallen in love with on the New York Film Academy website. Thinking back about the time I had at New York Film Academy, I must say that I have only good things to say. The staff and teachers at the Universal Campus is utterly friendly and helpful if you are in need of any advice. Further on it is a place where you can make friends for a life-time, as everyone in the same boat of trying to make it in the world of film.
To summarize I would say, New York Film Academy is a place where you get out, what you put in – like with any place really.
All I can say is, thank you New York Film Academy. I am really happy to have studied there. I chose to study at NYFA because they have more hands-on programs and experience provided to help students build up your portfolio.
Claude’s filmmaking class has a good balance between practice and theory and I have found this to be valuable to learn here.
The teaching method I’ve found most valuable during my time spent studying here is the hands-on learning approach. I tried to find you a few times during the session, since I was staying in town with my daughter who was on the Tweens NYFA option, but understand you work at a different campus. It was the only college I applied to because I couldn’t see myself anywhere else and my dream of getting accepted came true! I networked with a lot of people and by doing so, I even got to attend a private screening of Silver Linings Playbook featuring Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper; and the movie, Fun Size! I’m such a nerd that I googled them on the first day and I am very impressed with their past and current work.

The hands-on experience with the state-of-the-art equipment is not only something New York Film Academy promises, but something you as a student can mostly profit from.
It is wonderful to have classmates from all over the world and as such New York Film Academy is really the institution you would want to be.
A personal commitment and a full conviction in your dream is needed, everything else, NYFA can teach you. I’m Dutch and an MFA Filmmaking student at the New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, and just finished shooting my Year 1 short film a few weeks ago. Their hands-on learning and good reputation are the main reason I chose this school over other film and acting schools. I took Multimedia Technology for 3 years in high school so I knew the basics of film editing, cinematography, etc. This weekend I went to the New York City Horror Film Festival where I saw three short films and a feature length film! I even had my Director’s Craft instructor, Billy Tyler Smith, autograph his feature film for me! I’ll never forget the first day on the Universal Studios backlot with a screen-test, headshots and then an Improv class. From Asia, to Europe, from Africa to the America’s the school is a micro-cosmos of the UN. The great thing about New York Film Academy is that in this program, we learn everything: writing, directing, editing, producing, cinematography and every other position in a film crew. The school is very intensive, and packs about 2 years worth of knowledge into 1 year and that’s what I love.
I wanted to learn so much more about film and I knew that the only school that could teach me things I didn’t know was the New York Film Academy. Not only did I get to meet the director from the feature film, I got to meet and network with a past graduate from NYFA whose thesis film, “The Hierarchy”, was in the festival! I know that I’m learning from the best because they have such good stories about their experiences in the industry.
I think it is so beautiful how it is located in different countries as well as other states.
The first day of NYFA I was told by instructor Michael Sandoval, “As of this moment, you are all filmmakers.” I am a filmmaker and I plan on keeping it that way.

The instructors are always able to answer any question you ask, and they actually care whether you improve. You remember I wanted to make sure that Taos was sheltered during his on-campus lodging, given that we live in a conservative society back in Singapore. It made me so excited to be a part of the academy and made me want to enter my films into festivals someday! Learning from them inspires me to want to become a teacher and teach students about my soon-to-be experiences in the film industry!
I believe that every inspiring movie will come from a NYFA student because we are from all over the world and have different stories to tell! Taos ended up with another international student who’d gone to his same elementary school in Singapore, so he were very happy. I thought I knew what we were going to learn, but I never touched a 16mm camera until my first day of college. The majority of my instructors are male so the movie examples they show are not all in my interest. For me NYFA was an overhaul of workshops and acting classes I had accumulated over the years. To earn my masters degree, it is required to have one year in NYC and another 3 years in LA.
We started with the basics, learning all the diverging methods, from Shakespeare to Stanislavski to Meisner. It was an excellent program, and really helped him get a leg-up in his filmmaking course at school this year. And we were on our feet, with Improv, Speech, Movement, and production workshops, trying out all the techniques.

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