An investment banker has been found dead in an apparent suicide in Manhattan's Upper East Side. His father John Bellando is chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Conde Nast- and is listed just below famed editor Anna Wintour on the magazine company's executive team bio page. Because of his role and involvement in risk exposure valuations, some of John Bellando's emails were used as evidence in the Senate Finance Committee's hearings about the 2012 'London Whale' trading scandal. His death came the day after another banker killed himself by jumping in front of a commuter train in Long Island.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. View photo.(Thomson Reuters) One57, a new luxury skyscraper apartment building designed by French architect Christian de Portzamparc which is under construction on New York City's West 57th street The Federal Reserve is out with its latest Beige Book.
The release is published eight times a year and contains anecdotal nuggets from the Fed's 12 districts on the economy. For the most part, the report showed that the economy continued to improve across most of America.
New York City's co-op and condo sales market has slowed somewhat since the beginning of the year, with both prices and activity down modestly from late-2015 levels.
In other words, there are too many high-end, luxury apartments, and people are having a hard time filing them. Notably, there have been some reports of developers having a hard time filling rooms over the last few months.

For example, in December 2015, Crain's reportedA that at the time, at Manhattan-based Zeckendorf Development's latest place a€” 50 United Nations Plaza a€” only 40 out of the 87 available units have closed. However,A s of March 2016, more than half the units have sold, according to a representative for Zeckendorf. By comparison, Crain's noted, Zeckendorf "set the scene for sky-high apartment prices in 2007 with 15 Central Park West, the Robert A.M. King argued Al Qaeda in Iraq, which was a precursor to ISIS, expressed interest in attacking targets on American soil during its heyday. Though he believes there is widespread support for military operations against ISIS, King said he is not sure lawmakers agree on the best strategy to fight the group. Despite his concern about ISIS and support for attacking them, King offered some criticism for Obama's handling of the group. Kenneth Bellando's death is the latest in a spate of suicides by finance professionals both around the globe and in New York. The New York Post reports that Kenneth's brother John worked at JPMorgan as the bank's chief information officer. Kenneth's friends have begun posting photos and condolences on his Facebook page since his March 12 death, including some of Kenneth posing with his two sisters.
So far this year, there have been nine other apparent suicides by people who work in various financial roles around the globe, making Bellando's death the 11th in two and a half months.Bellando is the youngest of the deaths, having only graduated from college in 2007. Prices have been cut by 5%, although less expensive units have sold close to the asking prices.

Peter King (R-New York) issued a dire warning about the threat posed by the jihadist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) in a conversation with Business Insider on Monday.
I mean, when people say there are no terror threats from ISIS, you know, there were no terror threats to the United States from Al Qaeda on September 10th either, 2001," King said.
Specifically, he said Obama is putting too much faith in the coalition he has assembled to combat ISIS. He was found dead in a neighboring backyard after jumping off his six-story building at around 10.20pm on Wednesday March 12. Rents on Manhattan apartments have been steady to somewhat lower so far this year, while rents in Brooklyn and Queens have increased at a slower pace than in 2015. Police investigators told MailOnline that the case is still technically under investigation but there was no immediate suspicion of foul play and he was dead on arrival. A major New York City appraisal firms also notes that the high end of both the purchase and rental markets has been particularly sluggish, reflecting excess supply; a similar pattern prevails for high-end rental markets across the District more broadly.
Bellando, 28, worked at Levy Capital Partners and was previously an investment bank analyst at JP Morgan and Paragon Capital Partners. He was raised in Long Island before attending and graduating from Georgetown University in D.C.

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