After reinventing himself in college at UCLA, the NFL is once again calling Mora and he’s looking like a top candidate on the market. However, because the Seahawks and Panthers are on bye this week, Washington can speak with the aforementioned coordinators.
On Saturday, Jim Mora deleted his Twitter account which further fueled rumors that he’s eyeing a jump to the NFL.

The Panthers scooped him up and along with Ron Rivera -- and the addition of Luke Kuechly and Star Lotulelei -- McDermott helped transform the Panthers into a top defense in the NFL. Bevell joined Pete Carroll's staff in 2011 and has helped turn Seattle into an efficient offense. Though Seattle and Russell Wilson are in the low 20's in passing attempts rank, they're top ten in net yards per attempt.

Additionall, with Marshawn Lynch bruising people, the Seahawks are annually a top-10 rushing team.

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