This is the course outline for our NLP Practitioner training in Manchester as at March 2006. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like an emotional smart bomb…It’s true!  NLP will go straight to work on the subconscious to eliminate problems like addiction, negative patterns, habits and other things that hold people back from achieving the success they deserve. Let’s take the issue of weight loss for instance.  Before I was fortunate enough to discover NLP I had already begun to realize that many clients get stuck trying to lose weight because of their thoughts. NLP can actually retrain your subconscious mind to give you more willpower to change the habits that keep you stuck in life. Or let’s take relationships for another example.  Let’s say you end up in dead end or damaging and hurtful relationships over and over again, NLP can give you the self-image improvements you need to expect more and make lasting positive changes. The fact is, when we realize that most of our decisions are driven from our subconscious mind and we use NLP to bring our thoughts both subconscious and conscious together, we are able to find success. Whether you need to lose weight, quit smoking, approve athletic performance, increase your financial earnings or find the right relationship, Neuro- Linguistic Programming could be the answer you’re looking for.  But only if you take action. Now a NEW report that can help serious Nutritional Balancing clients take their programs to a new level.
ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY UPDATES!I am excited to announce that Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) has recently updated their lab booklets to include more educational information. HOLISTIC WELLNESS FROM WITHIN WELCOMES ERIC JOHNSONI would like to welcome Eric Johnson to Holistic Wellness From Within. Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing ProgramsA Hair Mineral Analysis can help identify the root cause of most health challenges such as: Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid Issues, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Fatigue and more. HO’OPONOPONO HEALINGHo’oponopono is a very powerful, ancient Hawaiian healing method that facilitates forgiveness within you. THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALING Let’s suppose you were considering buying an old house that been vacant and abandoned for a long time.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly effective coaching methodology for creating personal change work. The bespoke sports coaching caters for anyone looking to improve their sports performance in training and competition, regardless of your level of experience or field of practise. If you are eager to pick up exercise to promote a healthier lifestyle or want to break your personal best, a cognitive training regime will ensure you adapt the right strategies for effective and effortless performance at any given time or situation. Do you feel yourself getting caught up in thoughts and feelings about past events, decisions made and the uncertainty the future can behold?
Or do you see yourself traveling through life in a fast forward spin, unable to find the pause button to assess who you truly are and what you truly want out of this life?
Develop an effective leadership style that serves both individual and organisational needs to promote value alignment.
Form strategies to focus on objectives as team leader or manager yet attain when to lead, manage or coach with great people skills. Op school hebben we praktische zaken zoals geschiedenis, aardrijkskunde en wiskunde geleerd, maar we hebben niet veel geleerd over “hoe we ons goed kunnen voelen” of “hoe we geweldige relaties kunnen opbouwen”. NLP is dus een instrument dat je inzicht geeft in je sterke kanten en je gedrag en het stelt je in staat om al je kwaliteiten, inzichten en energie te gebruiken, om doelen te stellen en te bereiken, om effectief te werken en te communiceren! Iedereen heeft bepaald gedrag en overtuigingen dat hen belemmert en ieder mens zet bepaalde sabotagemechanismen in.
De gedachten die ons beperken, de belemmerende gedragspatronen van ons zelf, onze omgeving en onze eigen sabotagemechanismen zijn vaak al gevormd in onze vroege kindertijd. Wij zijn soms gevangenen van onze gedachten en vergeten dan dat gedachten meestal geen feit zijn, maar eerder een product van wat we in het verleden geleerd hebben.
Met NLP kun je de negatieve gedachten over jezelf en jouw omgeving herprogrammeren zodat je het beste uit jezelf kunt halen.

With NLP Coaching most people experience rapid results and many require just a few sessions.
Remember phone consultations and Skype sessions are available for my friends outside of the Tri-state area. You will spend valuable time choosing gifts that are quickly forgotten once the novelty has passed. Coached by a NLP practitioner you master how to uncover learned behaviour that has become unresourceful and may restrain you from achieving personal success. Create a thriving business culture by recognising talents and encouraging individual growth. Wanneer je inzicht hebt over dit gedrag en zodra je weet wat dit gedrag en de bijbehorende gedachten positief aan je te bieden hadden op het moment dat je deze strategie (onbewust) ontwikkelde, kun je dit gemakkelijk en vaak direct veranderen en loslaten.
Ze zijn daarom vaak diep verankerd en gebeuren automatisch wanneer we in aanraking komen met een stressvolle situatie. By developing mental strategies you can remove blocks and recognise choices, that will make you thrive for the results and success you want. Deze gedachten en dit gedrag zijn vaak het resultaat van wat wij in onze omgeving als kind opgepikt hebben, wat over ons gezegd werd en wat wij als kind dachten nodig te hebben als strategie om te overleven, veilig te zijn, waardering en erkenning te krijgen of om geliefd te zijn.

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