This is the course outline for our NLP Practitioner training in Manchester as at March 2006.
Do you ever look around you and see confident, successful people achieving everything they want, both at home and at work, and think to yourself, I’d like to be like that? Do you ever wonder why sometimes you just don’t seem to be able to get your message across or understand what someone is really saying to you? Have you ever wondered why you aren’t achieving the results you desire in business or personal relationships?
Would you like to know how to elicit and maintain a positive emotional state whenever you wish? Have you ever felt that situations or experiences in your personal life hold you back from achieving your true potential at work or in business? The course is run over 6 consecutive days from the stunning Chartridge Lodge in Chesham, Buckinghamshire by our experienced and inspiring trainers meet the team.

We make sure that the Practitioner training course is not only inspiring, it is fun and enjoyable. You know you can call upon that positive mental attitude and mind-set, knowing that you’ll achieve the outcomes you’re looking for, over and over again? You can see yourself as that confident, focused positive individual you’ve always longed to be?
You experience how great it feels knowing you really can achieve everything you set your mind to and no longer hold yourself back? You can listen to that internal voice which now encourages you to make the best choices in the next steps for your future?
You can hear yourself communicating perfectly and really understanding everybody in your world, whether partners, children, friends, colleagues or clients? If any of the above sounds good, why not book your course now , or talk to one of the trainers to find out more?

We also run an NLP Taster Day if you are unsure if our NLP courses are for you, join us for a 4 hour session where you get to see us present, and you get to learn how NLP can help you.  More information on our NLP Taster. We offer refresher days and booster weekends to NLP Practitioners – find out more here.
The term ‘life-changing’ is used a lot in descriptions of the Edge NLP Practitioner course, but I found out last week that it is true. We believe that if our clients are to invest their time learning NLP, we make sure that you get more than 100% out of the training and that by the end of the week, you feel motivated and have a zest for life like we do – sounds good doesn’t it?
My life has changed and I find myself thinking differently every day now – I’m more focused, more cheerful, less worried and now imbued with a sense that anything is possible.

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