I have asked several people who negotiate in life or death conflict, “how difficult is it to negotiate on behalf of human life?” In other words, where the stakes are large for others, and there may not be a win-win situation possible due to external players and factors. Often in conflict, it is best to stop a chain that is spiraling downward, and to do so by interrupting the pattern.
Often people in conflict drown in the details, and most of the time this is also where the real argument takes place.
The saying “you don’t understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes” is absolutely true. This summer Global NLP Training struck a strategic alliance with the largest coaching portal ever built, and we have been working hard in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhagen to get the project off the ground. How Do You Turn from a Negative Thinker Into A Positive Thinker With Neuro-Linguistic Programming? On our NLP trainings, you'll discover methods of self-help and self-improvement you can use in therapeutic, personal, coaching and corporate contexts. You'll enjoy post-learning support to teach, inspire and motivate you in the form of videos, blogs, newsletters and much more.
Dr Richard Bandler has refined his NLP trainings over the last forty years to a precisely honed series of learnings that teach at both conscious and unconscious levels.
Change your life by booking on any of the NLP Life Training seminars, or receive additional information on our training courses. NLP training empowers you to make positive changes in your business, social and personal life, becoming a more effective communicator, a better persuader and a more success-oriented person." - Bernardo Moya, CEO, NLP LIFE TRAINING. NLP Life Training's mission is to create and offer high quality NLP seminars, from brief introductory evening seminars through to advanced trainings. On 10th September Michele Paradise will speak at the Excellent for Business NLP Workshop about looking and feeling fantastic when public speaking. As a build-up to The Excellent For Business NLP Workshop, Dr Stephen Simpson looks at the mistakes some business people make when they think they lack confidence.
For thousands of years human beings have been putting themselves into altered states of consciousness in order to achieve insights, healing and knowledge. Bernardo Moya writes about the nature of success - and the tools that are out there to help you get the success you deserve. As part of her discussion of Presentation Skills, and using your NLP abilities to affect how others react to you, Michele Paradise explores How To Be Confident. As the first three years as CEO of NLP Life Training come around, Bernardo Moya reflects on his time as the head of the world's largest NLP Training Organisation. When there are voices all around you telling you you can't do something, writes Matthew Wingett.  Consider the London cabbie for inspiration! Global NLP Radio produced by Mark Gordon, in association with Global NLP Training, were able to catch a few moments with Ozioma before jetting off to Europe for an international consulting engagement and writing a book!

Global NLP Radio produced by Mark Gordon, in association with Global NLP Training offers exciting interviews in the realm of personal development, professional change and life coaching bi-weekly. Listen to Global NLP Radio and Ozioma Egwuonwu on iTunes or direct download by clicking the buttons below.
It is not about setting a goal (well formed outcome,) it is about doing the action to actually reach it. In fact, over the years I have trained over a dozen conflict resolution and negotiation specialists who work for the upper echelons of organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, the Pentagon, and several other governmental and non-governmental organizations.
You match the volume, speed and tonality of the voice of the person, WITHOUT matching the angry contents.
After making a calm statement: “It is important to me that we resolve our discussion, but I need a moment. If you float your awareness into someone else’s shoes, it will help you figure out how that person feels. Global NLP Training will soon publish a series of videos on NLP and resolving conflict as part of this endeavor. We intend to tailor different kinds of events with the intention of meeting all our clients' requirements. Ozioma is the founder of Burnbright Lifeworks Inc., a successful life coaching and purpose planning company. Now she coaches and consults with people from around the globe, and has developed her own revolutionary method for personal and professional transformation. In the podcast she gives insight how someone can realize their dreams, start their own business, and create positive change. Rather than focusing on specific tools or techniques, this article covers the spirit of NLP, and those who have taken NLP training will know exactly which tools to apply. The ultimate rejection from my previous employer, because inherently my body rejected my own life style, could have been my greatest failure. If you spend your day immobilized and nagging, that says a lot about what you think you should settle for. A place of non-emotion, as if you are watching yourself over there with the conflicting party. Though your personal feelings and well being could be at stake resolving the conflict (for others.) None denied that this is something they sometimes think about … but not at work.
You meet someone there for a while, and then you slow down, breathe, to a calmer way of speaking. What we offer are the best NLP trainers in the world, an amazing variety of seminars and a professional approach to individuals and corporations. Over the years she watched many transformations occur through her services: personal coaching, success seminars, business consultations and many more.

In addition she describes how another life coach prompted her to make a courageous decision to realize her own dreams, and how she picked the timing for her own training when she was ready! However, it was the greatest feedback of my life, propelling me into a different leadership role and finding my purpose.
Focusing on what other people have done to you, or the fact that you feel someone owes you something, is paving your way to stuckness. Ideas are absolutely worthless, unless they come with action: with the execution of the idea. This isn’t an invitation to be reckless; it is an invitation to not let fear drive your bus!
Jump to action, to create the perfect life, body, or job … and that will reveal your beliefs!
In their mind, they focus on tactics of the negotiation, where human life (sadly) is considered a valuable “object.” This is in order to negotiate in the benefit of the saving the most lives possible from a tactical point of view.
You will pace and lead the person into a calmer and more peaceful way of communicating often.
When you identify this, it will help you to better create a strategy to resolve the conflict. It gives a better understanding of what they are after, what they need and, overall, a better understanding.
Our seminars will provide you unique experiences, where you will learn some amazing techniques, and have lots of fun while your doing it.
Global NLP Training is for one extremely grateful to her coach, for bringing Ozioma in to our lives, and the ability for her to shift her clients one at a time. As a leader, you understand that the process that led towards failure is one that is worth your while. In preparing for conflict resolution, taking the standpoint of a tactical point of view will certainly help.
That’s what you need to start coding for, you associate into what you do have, you dissociate from what you don’t. I grew and continue to grow my professional skill set through doing, while being a coach, trainer, and all the different hats I wear as an entrepreneur.

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