In verbal communication there is a clear and personal communication link between senders and receivers. The outcomes of verbal communication between managers and subordinates can be compromised in terms of achieving its objectives through the negative impact of certain factors.
One of the main differences of non-verbal communication from verbal communication can be specified in a way that in former form the communication can be done intentionally, as well as, unintentionally.
In other words, when an individual is experiencing specific feelings such as boredom, excitement, or fear, his or her feelings can be communicated through non-verbal channels even when the individual does not aim to communicate them intentionally. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Interest in a person or thing will result in decrease in blinking rate and dilation of pupils.

3) PARALINGUISTIC : It refers to the study of vocal signal beyond the basic verbal message.
4) PROXEMICS : Proxemics refers to the study of how space and distance influence communication. For example, when we are content with and attracted to someone, we say we are “close” to him or her.
5) ARTIFACTS : Objects having symbolic significance of personal identities and environment. Generally, the key elements of verbal communication include words, sound, languages, and the physical act of speaking. Challenges associated with verbal communication include poor choice of wording, physical disabilities, ineffective utilisation of communication techniques, and subjective opinions.

These factors include poor listening skills of managers, emotional barriers, use of inappropriate language. Non-verbal communication can be divided into the following eight categories: facial expression, appearance, haptics, gestures, eye gaze, paralinguistics, proxemics, and body language and posture.

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