Lower School Assistant Principal Elizabeth Guiler O'Connell replaced Murphy, the school announced this week. Parents recently received an email from O'Connell outlining her areas of growth for the lower school.
A Tyngsboro police spokesman said the department did not respond in any way regarding Murphy's departure. The school announced on Monday that O'Connell, an alumna and parent of the academy, was appointed lower school principal. She has worked at the school since 1989, including as a language arts teacher for seventh and eighth grades. Welcome to your discussion forum: Sign in with a Disqus account or your social networking account for your comment to be posted immediately, provided it meets the guidelines. Comments made here are the sole responsibility of the person posting them; these comments do not reflect the opinion of The Sun. As the world-wide leader and original pioneer in sports leadership development, the Janssen Sports Leadership Center is privileged to partner with the following schools to lead their Leadership Academies. Click on the logo to learn more about the Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Click on the logo to learn more about the Illini Leadership Academy at the University of Illinois. Click on the logo to learn more about the Razorback Leadership Academy at the University of Arkansas. Click on the logo to learn more about the George Washington Leadership Academy at George Washington University. The Patriot League is the first conference to sponsor dedicated leadership training for all their member institutions.

Click on the logo to learn more about the Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy at Lehigh University. Click on the logo to learn more about the Holy Cross Leadership Academy at the College of the Holy Cross. Click on the logo to learn more about the Colgate Leadership Academy at Colgate University. Click on the logo to learn more about the Lafayette Oaks Leadership Academy at Lafayette College. We are excited to partner with Colby College to develop the nation's first Division III Leadership Academy. We'd love to work with you too to develop a comprehensive and cutting edge for your athletic department. The Servite DifferenceAt Servite our goal is to form the next generation of faith-filled leaders. Ask any Servite student what he values most about our school, and the answer is typically the feeling of family we have created here.
Every aspect of our programs are engineered to enable young men to be successful, and since 1958, we have been providing them with the tools necessary to achieve in their scholastic and co-curricular endeavors. Students, faculty, and staff know each other well, they respect the diversity of origins that characterize us, and they enjoy spending time together.
They like it because they are free to be themselves, unencumbered by the fear of embarrassment or compulsion to show off in front of the opposite sex.
We appreciate their sense of humor, their energy, and their unique learning styles, and we believe that our dedicated, focused approach is critical to helping young men realize their full potential. The Formation Program weaves academics, leadership and spirituality together in a seamless experience that gives graduates a firm foundation for success.

Our Priory Leadership Program integrates freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors together, facilitating connections between students of all ages. The program begins with an intense and rewarding Freshman Formation Weekend before the start of freshman year and concludes with graduation and alumni participation. Men of Servite forge relationships with their classmates as well as faculty members that last a lifetime. This regular, school-wide interaction fosters the sense of brotherhood that all Servite students feel, and eliminates the sometimes rigid distinctions between older students and younger students that can be prevalent at other schools.
The frequent visits to campus by alumni as well as high turnouts at class reunions are telling of the memorable and meaningful experience that our young men have here.Additionally, Servite is conveniently positioned between two all-girls schools (Cornelia Connelly and Rosary), making young women a regular presence on our campus after school and on weekends. It has been shown that in a single-sex environment, girls are more likely to take classes in math, science, and information technology, while boys are more likely to pursue interests in art, music, drama, and foreign languages. Boys in a single-sex environment are also more likely to participate in the classroom and seek help when they need it.
A single-sex setting, free of the distraction of social pressures and anxieties, allows the young men to stretch themselves, try new things, and make important strides toward a strong and secure manhood. Here at Servite we hold onto our all-boys tradition not as a nod to the past, but as a way of bringing sense and order to the challenging times in which we live.

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