You’ll learn how to work from sketches, work with computers and combine creativity with practical designs. You’ll plan designs for residential and commercial spaces, learn the best techniques, and create amazing work. Launching your career? Courses can take you from an apprenticeship through to owning your own business. Sydney TAFE can recognise your knowledge and life and work experience so you finish your qualification faster.
If you are already working in either the painting or signage industry and want to build on your career, you can apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) so you don’t have to study what you already know. Sydney TAFE is always developing innovative ways to deliver its courses, including evening and online options.
He also applied his skills to winning the regional WorldSkills competition – where apprentices pit their skills against the best – and now hopes for greater glory when he competes at the national titles in Perth.

Your painting and signage careerSee how Sydney TAFE is with you at every step of your painting or sign writing career. Learn with the industryTeachers and partners provide specialised, up-to-date painting, decorating and signage courses. Graduate and succeedSww what happens once you finish your Sydney TAFE painting or sign writing course.
Bang, wouldn't you know it, right in the middle of a career change (and finally sinking my teeth into what I REALLY wanted to do) the rug rats came along. Your floristry careerSee how Sydney TAFE is with you at every step of your floristry career journey. Learn with the industryTeachers and industry partners provide focused, tailored and up-to-date floristry programs. Programs are available to you whenever you left school and give you the foundation skills to start work.

Earn up to three units of competency and a head-start on your way to actual qualifications.
Thanks to a supportive employer, his training means he is now helping to develop the company’s production methods and align the business with modern technology in signage. After a three year hiatus I'm ready to get back out there, even if it is only doing odd jobs here and there. Studying a course in painting or sign writing means you could join a busy and interesting industry and even work towards running your own business. I have always wanted to work in the creative industry but didn't know my speciality, and there was the answer looking right back at me.

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