The first golf course in Myrtle Beach was built in 1927 and the second Myrtle Beach course was built 33 years later in 1960. To to play any of these Myrtle Beach golf courses, call Jason at 888-999-9520 or click here for more information. Gallery6-View from behind the 4th hole.The tall fence borders the course & ensures a stray hit does not land up along the busy roads that run alongside the course View from behind the 4th hole.
Gallery7- BGC ,Bengaluru - The colorful sunset at the world's oldest golf course (On the same site) outside the British Isles . Gallery8-Golfers teeing off from the 16th hole tee box.This is a 339 yard , Par 4 & a slight dogleg left hole Golfers teeing off from the 16th hole tee box. The annual tournaments between BGC & the Madras Gymkhana club (started in 1878) are the oldest inter-club annual matches anywhere in the world.

During the redesign the brief was to accommodate a 18 hole course in a 60 acre plot (a rather tight squeeze), with a minimum of criss-crossing & without cutting a single tree.
Phil Ryan, a gentle, soft spoken civil engineer turned golf architect who has vast experience in working in the Asian continent finally came up with a “new plan” which gained universal acceptance. From the 1960’s to present day, Myrtle Beach has grown into the Golf Capital of the World with more than 100 golf courses designed by the world’s most prestigious golf course designers today.
This is a 18 hole ,6161 yard , Par 70 course BGC, Bengaluru - The colorful sunset at the world's oldest golf course (On the same site) outside the British Isles. Established on a summer evening on June 24th of 1876, the land was previously used by a army regiment as a rifle range & training area.
The new plan sets in a totally restructured & landscaped course, that is tight & calls for a premium on accuracy with the huge tree cover & is a treat to play.

The course started as a 12 hole design & was transformed many a time the last being a redesign in 2000. Of the total cost of nearly Rs 40 mn INR, 90% was generated from the internal resources of the Club & the rest by generous donations from industrial houses & individuals.

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