Can everyone just subscribe to Landon's vlog channel so he can get to 10,000 subcribers? A03 LinkSpecial Dedication: This fic is dedicated to all the amazing people who jumped aboard the Crazy Train, but especially the two ladies I cooked up the theory with - callistawolf and fanmommer.
Also thank you to olicity-i-believe-in-you, oliverqlovesfelicity, kalichica12, palindromepoet and louiseblue1.
As the lives of all those she loves are endangered, Felicity begins to question her future with Oliver. Finally, a special thank you to the amazing hotcookinmama who tirelessly edited this fic out of the kindess of her heart.
The mist coated his face and he felt a slight stinging in his eyes as it intermingled with the beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.
The run began in the predawn hours, but nearly an hour into it, Oliver could see the early signs of sunlight peeking over the ridge of the horizon.
His legs were burning, but he could still feel the swell of nervous energy pumping through his blood.
He just had no idea how.As the white shutters of the beach home he shared with Felicity came into view, Oliver instinctively quickened his pace, the familiar desire to be close to her overriding any sense of fatigue. Using the remaining surge of energy to propel him, Oliver dug his feet into the deep, cool sand, closing the distance quickly. The rising sun was a worthy opponent, but it had yet to crest by the time Oliver arrived at the edge his deck.
The rush of the waves and blood filled his ears, but as he regained control of his breathing the noise settled into a dull roar. The white trim drew a clear outline around the turquoise siding, popping brightly against it. Some mornings,  Oliver would finish his run and find Felicity sitting out on the porch, reading a book and drinking coffee. He could see their whole lives in that smile.After they left Starling City, they spent the first several weeks driving across country from Gotham to Metropolis, languishing in hotels and drinking in the sites, before they ramped up to international travel.
They’d taken to walks on the beach after dinner, and when Felicity saw the house she let out a little gasp. To be fair, it was more like a cottage, but Oliver knew their hotel hopping days were over. He called the landlord the next day, and they moved in by the end of the week.Oliver, however, wanted to solidify their life together in a more permanent way. Oliver turned to face the ocean, digging his feet into the sand, contemplating his options. As the waves rushed up on shore, swarming his feet, pulling sand away until his feet were nearly bare again, Oliver gazed at the never-ending horizon of the sea. It came to him like truth.***The Light by Sleeping At LastUsing the same stealth abilities that made The Arrow a ghost, Oliver maneuvered his way through the house silently.
Felicity slumbered peacefully, curled on her side, the white sheet slipping off her shoulder just enough to reveal a peek of bare skin. She was so beautiful it almost hurt to breathe.Oliver leaned against the doorframe and watched as her body rose and fell in deep, even breaths. As he dug through his dresser for a t-shirt, a pillow suddenly whacked him on the back of his head.
She tipped her head to the side and let her eyes scan down Oliver’s dripping wet body, a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. In the beginning, she would wake with him and listen quietly as he described his hellish dreams. Most of the time, she simply rested her head on his chest, running her fingers lightly over his arm, the sound of her breathing and the warmth of her skin lulling him back into a peaceful slumber.
When she returned to him and reached for his hand, the story came tumbling out.He sat her down on a bench nearby. He found it oddly comforting.He and Felicity walked home with their arms wrapped around each other in silence. She never said another word about it.It took another week for Oliver to come to the decision on his own. Jake initially rejected the offer, his pride getting in the way of his good business sense.
It was an easy way to keep his ear to the ground.Oliver quickly rolled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Felicity felt a sudden chill as the warmth of the covers slipped away, and she quickly reached for one of Oliver’s shirts draped over the chair. She breathed in his scent of fresh air and soap before she slipped it on.Felicity trotted to the kitchen, the tile cold underneath her bare feet.
Do not screw with me!” Felicity said through gritted teeth as she flipped the on switch back and forth. Her hair was piled high into a messy bun of tangled curls and she was wearing his white dress shirt - and only his white dress shirt. She’d left several top buttons undone, flirting dangerously close to exposing a lot more skin.
Were you going to wear this?”Oliver nodded silently and made his way into the kitchen.
Felicity gave him an apologetic look and said, “Well, that explains why it was on the chair.
Like some bizarre power -” Felicity stopped short and fell silent as Oliver switched the coffee maker from on, to off, then to on again. Oliver smiled at her a little and offered, “It was the day we moved into the beach house. Come to think of it, I never did find it,” she paused as then laughed as the memory came into focus. She set her coffee cup down and wrapped her arms around Oliver’s neck, giving him a long slow kiss. Felicity opened it up and pulled out a manila envelope stamped with the Palmer Technologies emblem. That was a close call.***Work Song by HozierHe walked down a few steps, but he paused and reconsidered.
With a resolute nod, Oliver went back into the house.Felicity was rinsing dishes in the sink when she heard Oliver come in.
In the flurry of action, they stumbled backward, but Oliver steadied Felicity by placing his hand at the small of her back. Felicity wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling the heat of his skin through the sheerness of the white shirt. In one fluid motion, Oliver picked Felicity up, holding firmly onto her thighs and placed her gently on the kitchen counter. He trailed his tongue down the length of her neck as he freed the final button, the shirt falling open exposing all of her skin for Oliver to explore. Felicity felt nothing but pressure of his hand, the softness of his lips and the pull of his muscles as he held her steady. Felicity held tightly to Oliver with one arm and the counter with the other, bracing herself against the impact when their bodies finally connected. She was lost in the steel mold of his arms, the motion of his body and the waves of ecstasy upon her.
It was time well spent.***Mind Heist by Zack HemseyAmanda Waller strode purposefully through the bustling streets of Starling City.
Her head-to-toe black pant suit and darkened shades matched her fierce demeanor as she expertly weaved her way through the crowd. The line between perception and reality, however, was so painfully thin, or so she told her agents.
Then she began to move again, down another alley and up a side street, which spilled directly into another busy Starling street. There was no one to save.Chapter 2***Someone Like You by AdeleThe waitress led Diggle to the outdoor tables that lined the boulevard. Protected under the shade of the yellow umbrella, sipping her drink was Carly, waiting for him patiently.
Diggle stared at her gravely and said, “I think getting the hell out of Starling City is a great idea. Everything, down to my social-security number, my photo… everything was a perfect match. You have no idea which agency Andy was working for, who his handler was or how to contact them. Second, if Waller was reaching outside of ARGUS for help, it means she didn’t trust anyone else.
If you are leading ARGUS, you can control the investigation and find out who or what scared her.

She didn’t find it very humorous until Andy gave her the real gift - diamond earrings.
Diggle knew for certain they were the same pair because he was there when Andy bought them.Carly was right. Now, he simply needed to go to the location and wait.***Style by Taylor SwiftAs Felicity walked down the steps of the corporate office of the cyber-security firm, she was surprised to see Oliver patiently waiting for her, leaning against his motorcycle. Dressed in a black leather jacket, jeans and blue button-down shirt, he was so impossibly sexy Felicity stumbled a bit at the sight of him. Despite her heels, she had to stand on her tiptoes as she wrapped her arms around Oliver’s neck and kissed him on the nose. As if on cue, Oliver took off his leather jacket and slipped it over Felicity’s shoulders. Oliver shook his head at her in bemusement as he sat down on the bike, offering his hand as Felicity swung her leg over.
Nearly everything was a blur, so the bike became a sensory experience: the tensing of his muscles underneath her fingers, her heart pounding against her chest, the hum of the engine, the roar of the traffic and the blinding, swirling lights. It was exhilaration and freedom working in perfect harmony with an overwhelming sense of security. When he would gather her in his arms and they would soar across the zip line, there was nothing to fear. She was flying.***Better by Matthew MayfieldFelicity was so lost in the ride she barely noticed where they were going or how long it took to get there. As Oliver slowed and pulled up to the Starling City docks, however, she became overwhelmed with complete bewilderment. The firelight of hundreds of candles cast a soft glow over the darkened dock, illuminating their path.
She felt Oliver release her and she continued walking in a daze until she reached the bottom of the ramp and stood on the dock. The candlelight flickered against her face and she could feel the heat burning from the flames. The smell of vanilla intermixed with the ocean air culminating in a single, intoxicating scent.
The moon, full and bright in the night sky, partnered with the candlelight as an act of contrition for obliterating the stars.
The ocean lapped gently against the edge of the docks, and a soft breeze blew across, but Felicity was too stunned to feel it.Felicity took a moment to absorb the scene, and Oliver took a moment to absorb Felicity. The ocean breeze wafted through her hair, causing her curls to drift in unruly and wild patterns.
The blouse dipped and drifted, in a sway with the wind, and Oliver let his eyes drift over her curves.
For a moment, the two of them just held each other, lost in the kiss sealing their future together. As the ring fit perfectly on her finger, Oliver and Felicity fell silent at just stared at it.
Felicity glanced up at Oliver, and a soft smile played on his face as he looked at the ring on her finger. Only this time when she pulled away, Oliver picked her up and twirled her around as they held each other.
Several companies, including Stagg Industries, closed the doors on their plants and warehouses as well. The Stagg plant wreaked from the remnants of chemicals produced and carelessly dumped into The Glades water supply. It was a popular spot for drug deals and squatters, but Diggle chose it because the team just did a sweep the other night. I am an agent with the Central Intelligence Agency,” Penelope answered, her voice clear and confident.

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