If you are an entrepreneur seeking to build an online business, you know what it means to be resource constrained. Those who’ve been down this road, know there are hundreds of free online resources to parse through to learn a little bit of code or one facet of building a product. The inspiration for the business came from co-founder, Mattan Griffel’s desire to learn to code an app he wanted to build.
The experience inspired him to solve that problem for others and spawned One Month’s flagship course, One Month Rails, which we reviewed a year and a half ago.
Plenty of non-entrepreneurs are learning at One Month– 30 percent of people enrolled are professionals and high-school and college students comprise an additional 20 percent. In short, you’ll have access to the skills needed to build  a website and start an online business.
Some courses have a full 30 days of content while less intense courses have content spanning 20 days. Each day or unit contains five to ten lessons totaling  20 – 40 minutes of video segments.
A second tab lists the questions other students in the course have asked about the current day or unit. Clicking on a question takes you to the forum, where you can review concepts that fellow students struggled with and participate in related conversation. Over the course of the week there are dozens of active conversation threads, and members of One Months’ team can usually be found in the trenches helping students with various issues. Griffel shared, “We have a full-time Student Happiness team to respond to student questions and inquiries all the time. We noticed some forums are busier than others, especially One Month’s flagship Rails course.
The courses were full of real life examples and included many practical exercises to reinforce learnings. Those with the drive and passion can do amazing things with the fundamentals learned in One Month courses, but this requires continued dedication to the subject matter and a higher purpose like your business or career.

While this is the case with any student in any course, One Month boasts some great success stories. Chris, who wrote our original review of One Month, parlayed that course into a job as a front-end engineer with SkilledUp. Sandi was a student in the rails course and went on to code the original version of SkillJar, a Techstars company that now has $7.5M in funding. Sarah, a graphic designer, was able to leave her old job and move into an interactive design position. Jovan, who worked at Apple Genius Bar, turned his One Month experience into an engineering role at a digital agency in six months.
Perhaps the most inspiring story is Srin, who was born without the use of his arms or legs as a result of muscular atrophy, and has been confined to a wheelchair his whole life. Computers are an integral part of professional environments in the 21st century and not knowing how to do basic troubleshooting can be a drawback for job seekers.
Join the Computer Tutor for a one to one Cyber Starter Session in the comfort of your own home on your own computer or at a convenient venue for one to one or group sessions.
He got tired of waiting for the perfect technical co-founder, so he decided to teach himself how to code and only used online resources – videos, eBooks, interactive guides and did so in one month’s time.
Since then, One Month has blossomed from a single course in Ruby on Rails, to a platform with 12 different courses covering the business and technical aspects of building a Web business. Commonalities between the majority of their students are: the desire to build something online, they are beginners, and they want to learn something fast. Though tedious, it is clear One Month wants to understand their users in order to provide better courses.
In a few cases, the courses were paced by week instead of day, and one course was divided into projects instead of units of time. We found, even if we knew the answer, providing solutions and feedback to fellow students helped reinforce the concept.
The course instructors, (including co-founders, Mattan Griffel and Chris Castiglione) were energetic and engaging.

Each course covered the key concepts required to have an advanced beginner’s understanding of the subject.
He signed up for One Month and started building his company, Accomable, an Airbnb for handicapped-accessible apartments.
If the entrepreneurial flame is burning within you, One Month is a great place for you to learn the fundamentals required to build your business. In addition, specialized professionals in computer technology, who can design and program computers and fix complicated problems, are imperative for any organization relying heavily on computers. One to one expert pc help for beginners to advanced by Red Dog Media in Powys Hereford Hay on Wye Glasbury Brecon Builth Wells Talgarth Crickhowell Llandovery Sennybridge. One to one expert pc help for beginners to advanced in Powys Hereford Hay on Wye Glasbury Brecon Builth Wells Talgarth Crickhowell Llandovery Sennybridge. Don’t wait any longer; join the 25,000+  students who’ve learned new skills, launched businesses and changed the course of their life in 30 days or less. Therefore, basic or advanced knowledge of computer technology can have a number of advantages for your career. Support to learn Microsoft office publisher excel digital photography editing get online graphic design internet web email skills. Support to learn Microsoft office publisher excel digital photography editing get online graphic design internet web email skills from Red Dog Media. Training sessions can include coaching on your chosen areas of concern or interest or on a selection of topics we can cover which are designed to help first time computer users.

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