As you can see you will start with drawing the top outlined shape of the T-Rex's head like so, then draw the bottom jaw which is wide open because this dino is roaring. Using the guides you just made in step one, begin sketching out the actual structure of the T-Rex's head and mandible.
Here you will begin drawing out the razor sharp teeth and then draw the cone shaped tongue. You will now draw a small eyeball and then sketch in the crease lines and folds around the eye.
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These monstrous dinosaurs were said to be one of the most feared and ferocious creatures that walked the earth.
Once that is done add detailing on the side of the face, then sketch in the rest of the sharp teeth. You will need to take your time as you sketch in all the surface detailing which will give your T-Rex a realistic look.
There is more scaly spotting more than anything so make sure to sketch in the texture definition like you see it drawn for you here.
There is no way that we human could have ever dealt with the T-Rex if we walked the earth together back in the day.

I really like how the Tyrannosaurus Rex head came out and I am confident that you will enjoy tackling this lesson as you begin drawing your own T-Rex head.

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