Find out what matters and what works at our first national burns and scalds conference in Manchester on Tuesday 24 September. Parents often say they are taken by surprise when their child reaches a milestone in their physical development, and this wallchart aims to arm them with the know-how they need to stay one step ahead in keeping their child safe from accidents. Child Accident Prevention Trust is a registered charity number 1053549 and a company limited by guarantee number 3147845.
As the Kenyan economy becomes more urbanised, the booming economy’s appetite for energy grows. One does tend to wonder- bearing this in mind, if renewable energy is a viable option for Kenya; shouldn’t the government be working on ensuring that everyone has access to a reliable inexpensive source of power? Not that we need to hear this again, but renewable energy does actually save current energy consumption; something the manufacturing sector will appreciate as energy requirements have been increasing by 10% every year.

As the country takes a step ahead of most African courtiers, it looks set to cement its position as a regional economic powerhouse; Kenya has been racing against time to seek out new sources of energy to power its growing economic might in the region.
It consists of an at-a-glance matrix which matches the child’s age and development to hazards in the home. One of the main issues facing the country at the moment is erratic, unreliable power supply and costs.
According to research, a transition process toward renewable energy sources is essential so as to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and reduce the cost of power. Renewable energy is quickly proving to be one of the better options due to its lower costs and the availability of the natural resources needed for renewable power. Since our main sources for information are registers and documents created by others, we have limited control of how the information is retrieved or selected.

Due to the subjective nature of this field, we cannot guarantee that they are always correct.
Our responsibility for damage due to our services are limited to reimbursement of the charges for our services.

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