New flash, plastic everything, and a sneaking suspicion that some things were better off left as-is. As of November 2010, Wool Wood and Whiskey will also feature rugged vintage clothing for men harvested from the wilds of Maine. The genius of the food mill is in the delicate consistency that is created by mechanical simplicity. You're likely to score one of these at a good antique store, or you can find sweet ones CHEAP on ebay.
It's not really all that necessary to point out that cell phones aren't doing great things for us these days. Let the spoiled boomers live out their silver years "camping" with granite counter tops, I'm down for broken AC and wet dog smell in the Dodge. It yields perfect apple sauce-never watery and never chunky baby food-and the best mashed potatoes ever.

Check a Foley out, you can thank WWW after you've finished happily churning out something delicious.
We all work more, drive crazier and are completely disconnected from people who surround us in our everyday lives-it's pretty obvious. Not because "retro" is all the rage in Front Gate, in fact, not for aesthetic reasons at all (although, come on!). This is what food processors looked like before there were food processors-simple, easy to use, no electricity required, undeniably functional. According to a certain WWWer who works a certain renown restaurant with certain slow food leanings, a mill gently loves starches while a processor thrashes them grainy and sour.
At Wool Wood and Whiskey we like communication-sitting on porches and stoops, spinning yarns and chewing the fat. The apparatus itself is simple: the food mill body is essentially a colander that tapers in to an inverted cone at the bottom of the bowl.

When you're anchored to a single spot in your home talking to someone on the phone becomes an activity again.
Rather than worrying about trying to pass that semi up ahead or if that the crazy guy who rides the 38 is going to want to sit next to you again, you have to sit down (or pace in the general vicinity) and listen.
Quand nous aurons A  juger nos vies, chacun da€™entre nous aura A  parcourir les implications de ses actes mais aussi celles de sa paresse.

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