Every time I come to this center (mostly in search of pizza, hello Blaze), I am blown away by how much awesome stuff is in here. Scuba diving is one of the most rewarding, freeing, and exciting activities I've ever done. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
I think I told my server on the way out that I wanted to live there to be able to try everything that Chef Neal Fraser ever makes.
Came in to change out my old battery, and told them I had gone a little too fast and furious and spilled battery acid all over my trunk (gah!). I was recommended here by my scuba instructor who I literally trust with my life always, and boy was she right! The students at UCI and University High are lucky to have so many awesome, affordable eateries so close. Feeling capable and able to seamlessly enter the water and explore the world under the surface is a gift, one that depends greatly on your instructor. They not only gave me my refund, but got soda ash to neutralize the acid, and went to my car and got it all cleaned up as best as possible.
The staff at Hollywood Divers not only dive themselves, but are also very established and trusted teachers. It's dripping with history, from original storefronts and counters, to throwback signs and very old school dishes. They really know their stuff about anything you might ask - dive gear, underwater photography, travel destinations, etc.
When learning how to stay alive and to dive right, it's not the time to get any old instructor from Sport Chalet. The massage tables are not on the floor (traditional Thai) but rather more like western massage beds, with a head loop for your face to rest in. In particular, Kareem and Bill made my day!They have a ton of gear out on the racks for you to browse and even an entire underwater photography room. It really matters who is teaching you the survival skills and way of thinking so that when something happens underwater, you do not panic and you know how to keep yourself safe.
The moon overhead lights your romantic dinner, as the iron beams and rustic wooden bar form a false ceiling and room.
It's really hard to leave here without wanting to spend your entire paycheck!I left feeling very taken care of, and much more at ease about my upcoming trip to the Galapagos.

Prices were a bit higher than cafeteria level ($7 for a slice of pizza and a side of fries), but it's DTLA and people gotta pay rent.
I've taken my all my padi courses with Jeanne - open water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver - and I can confidently say that she makes me the confident, safe, smart diver that I am. Every last detail screams character, and it's obvious that this restaurant is a true labor of love. His knowledge of the body and movement, the inter-twined nature of healing, and how to live a healthy life are only surpassed by his wonderful smile and spirit. If you happen to sit inside, the view is different but no less impressive - a gold and glass wine case proudly buttresses the eclectic mix of sofas that comprise the seating area.
The women get up and walk on your back (trust me, this feels amazing) and go all crouching tiger, hidden dragon on those pesky knots in your neck. We know we are in the best hands.Jeanne teaches safety first, both in and out of the water. She knows diving is a sport with risks, and she makes sure each of her students is diving and acting in the manner that will keep everyone safe. The entire space was renovated and they cut huge holes in the floor to allow a GIANT tree to occupy the center and link the floors. Her teaching methods can come off strict, but once you get out into the open water, you see why, and you thank her for making sure no one goes out sub-standard. This was the kind of drink that you know you could have 5 of, and not feel like you were downing alcohol, and end up sloshed and so happy. It was delicious, fresh, and refreshing.- At your table, the night starts with an Amuse Booze, a playful opening drink on the house that was part amaro, part amaretto, and wholly delicious. Walnut vinaigrette was almost buttery on the blanched (yes, the correct way to serve kale) and chopped kale, with bits of apple and nuts inside. Each level is seriously a totally different vibe, and here we felt like we walked into Marie Antoninette's sitting room. I went to the Galapagos with Jeanne and crew, knowing no one and coming back with the best trip of my life. There's beautifully gilded style furniture in the indoor space, and the outdoor is more chill, with booth seats, and its own bar. The rabbit bites appetizer was also lovely - like rabbit meatballs, but so tender they fell apart to the fork's touch. She's caring, sweet, dedicated, talented, safe, and will teach you to be the absolute best diver you can be.

Finally, we ended the night with the wood-grilled Rib-Eye, topped with bone marrow, with sardine butter. Her instruction and leadership by example has taught me a self-sufficiency as a diver that many of my peers have not gained.
They're cubed and pan-fried, topped with herbs and a little spice, and dipped in this cream-spice sauce that is to die for. I trust in what I've learned from Jeanne and know that I can handle anything that comes my way.
If you want to be a serious, safe, and good diver, she's the only person I would trust! I didn't think that could be topped, and then our entree came out - the Rack of Red Wattle Pork. The artichoke brings out the smokiness of the flatbread, and the flavors accompanying it enhance each bite.The Sinatra Brik - Briks are a African pastry of sort, with a deep fried outside, a poached egg inside, and lots of deliciousness. It had been stewed with these miniature apple-pear fruits for a light sweetness, and served over bitter greens and whole-grain mustard, with a pork juice sauce.
As a side, we got the Pomme Aligot, which is cheesy mashed potatoes, but more like potatoes mixed into cheese.
The bartenders make a generous but delicious (and perfectly proportioned) Gin and Tonic and Rum and Coke.
Definitely makes the bar scene here a worthy stop on the way to staples, to have some of these delicious cocktails and an order of the batata harra potatoes.THE SERVICEAs I mentioned before, head chef Mario comes out often to greet or even seat customers. Served with grapefruit and other citrus, and a blood orange sorbet, and a tarragon cake, it was flavor burstingly delicious. They aren't shy to give you their opinion on the food and to lead you to your perfect meal.
When I said I loved it and made all my favorite out-of-town guests come here with me, he ended our night very generously and kindly with our choice of champagne, served at the outdoor bar, with a killer view of the full moon and the top of the vibiana bell tower.

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