I am replacing a Tecumseh engine TVXL 195 150236 on an Ariens RM828e mower with a Tecumseh TVM220-157280k engine and I want to wire it correctly.
ExpertiseSmall Engine Service Center Co-Owner - ATVs, Mowers, Trimmers, Snow throwers, and Many Other Small Engine Operated Equipment. There Should be a Lead from the Coil that Goes to the Ign Switch and Grounds the Other Side of the Coil and this Stops the Engine by Stopping the Coil from Firing the Plug. If you See I am Maxxed Out, then Try Submitting your Question at or Just After 8pm EST (US).

I can answer questions pertaining to Most Small Engines (Air and Water Cooled) and their Associated Equipment as well as Lawn and Garden Equipment, e.g. The replacement engine has three wires - A green wire to the electronic ignition and this green wire is also grounded to the engine and continues on. The yellow wire from the other side has no diode and must be designed to deliver AC but on my lawn mower there is no need for AC. This is Connected to the Ign Switch and Should have No Voltage when the Switch is in the Off Position.

This was a Full Course on Complete Dis-assembly and Repair of ALL Components pertaining to Engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends, Electrical. If you Hit a Snag or this Does Not Correct the Problem,  I am Here if You Require More Assistance.

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