The mission of the Alameda and Berkeley One-Stop Career Centers is to provide FREE employment services to job seekers and employers. The College of Alameda is also the One Stop Operator for Berkeley and the surrounding cities including: Emeryville, Albany and Piedmont. YSU’s new Student One Stop Center is designed to provide improved and hassle-free service to students registering for classes, applying for financial aid and paying their bills. Registrar Jeanne Herman said One Stop Centers have emerged as a best practice for improving customer service within the financial aid, registration and student accounts triad of services.
Fahey said that colleges and universities that have adopted One Stop Centers also indicate that the initiative enhances retention and saves money.
Staffing of the YSU Center consists of a supervisor at the associate director level, two entry-level professional staff, and three graduate interns. In addition, a call management system was installed, one-stop services such as online transcript requests and online application for graduation were implemented, and a webpage was created to help students locate information about all three service areas in one location. No stranger to the supernatural genre, Thomas Dekker is now portraying a witch in his new series The Secret Circle. You’ve done The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the two Laid to Rest movies and you were on Heroes; do you have an affinity for the genre or does it keep finding you? Is it gratifying after being around other people with supernatural powers, or battling things with supernatural powers, to finally have some of your own? If your character has to be tied to Cassie in order to create the big magic, how does he become his own man and stand alone? Was there any discussion about what you would physically look like or what the magic would like when you’re doing it?

What do you hope that the producers will eventually write for Adam to do that he hasn’t done yet? Adam’s girlfriend is Dianna, but he’s immediately attracted to Cassie, is there going to be a love triangle in this? As far as the story goes, we’re finding out more and more that it’s not just a teen lustful attraction between Adam and Cassie. It’s probably the central inner conflict that my character is dealing with – his insatiable physical situation with Cassie that’s very dangerous and very new, and then dealing with this very safe and comfortable devotion to Dianna. The entrance of Cassie shifts my relationship with Dianna and we’re the two core leaders of the group. Employment services are provided at the Alameda One Stop Career Center, conveniently located right on the College of Alameda campus.
We strive to ensure that employment, training, and other workforce related services are provided in a seamless manner. The positions were funded from vacancies created primarily through the early retirement incentive plan. Office space was adjusted so that One Stop employees were centrally located, creating an environment where student service comes first and staff is encouraged to make independent decisions and apply professional judgment to assist students in one stop, Herman said.
As Adam, he is one of the leaders, along with Dianna (Shelley Hennig), of a teenage coven of witches in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington. It’s not a Bell, Book and Candle type of witchcraft where we’re kids who’ve sought through books and spells and we have candles and an altar. As actors, we have to believe that these characters have to focus their energy, so you have to get very drawn in to what you’re doing.

My joke is that I’d love for Natasha Henstridge’s character Dawn to possess me for an episode.
Obviously, something went horribly wrong years earlier, so I’m assuming their power was very immense.
When Cassie (Britt Robertson) moves there after her mother dies in a mysterious fire at their home, she is drawn into the coven and told that they have been waiting for her, she is the key that binds the Secret Circle together, making them a powerful group.
But Adam seems to be the most even keeled and the most aware of how to use these abilities, and thus he’s the most level-headed in the bunch, but he’s definitely his own man. He takes pleasure in the small things, like getting a pencil to stand upright or getting a chair to move. There’s a destiny for the two of us, but there’s also a massive amount of loyalty between Adam and Dianna. But, I believe what’s implied is there was more of a war going on within that [adult] circle than there is at this point [with our circle].
It’s about these kids trying to deal with this presence that they weren’t really prepared for.

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