Click here to buy your tickets!A recap of this weekend’s lottery action from the world’s top lottery games has us taking a quick look at the giant lottery activity of US Lottery, then onto the European Lotto games of UK National Lotto and EuroMillions. One lucky Powerball player has made all their lottery dreams come true by snatching last night’s $400 million US jackpot. As of yet there has been no official statement as to the identity of the US Powerball winner from last night’s draw. Wednesday night’s massive Powerball win is the 5th biggest lottery jackpot ever offered in the States and the 4th biggest Powerball draw ever!
Although a jackpot prize is the ultimate dream, it’s not only the jackpot winners that get to celebrate. Also, 38 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize: 9 from California, 2 from Colorado (both with Power Play), 1 from Connecticut, 4 from Florida, 3 from Georgia, 2 from Illinois, 1 from Kansas, 1 from Louisiana, 1 from Maryland, 1 from Missouri, 1 from Nebraska, 3 from New York, 1 from Oklahoma (with Power Play), 1 from Oregon, 1 from Pennsylvania, 1 from Tennessee, 4 from Texas (1 with Power Play), and 1 from Virginia. In our recent Poll, we asked you to select one of the luxury destinations you would go on after winning any of our incredible lottery jackpots. So what can you expect as a lottery winner after booking a place on board a cruise ship to celebrate your lottery win? At a sprawling 2,249 square feet, these two duplexes on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 are the largest suites at sea, featuring two levels of lavish living and sleeping space, two marble bathrooms with separate whirlpool tubs and showers, and a large balcony overlooking the pool deck.
Top of the range suites include Wintergarden Suites with private solarium and veranda, and Signature Suites with sweeping verandas and unrivaled views facing forward. Yes, you are at sea with 5,300 other passengers with 25 restaurants, 10 hot tubs, and even an ice skating rink, and seven neighbourhoods (including Central Park-themed open-air atrium), but with a suite like this you can be content to just chill.
Select and click the Lotto you want to play.Anyone of Legal age anywhere in the world can play. Should you scoop a huge EuroMillions jackpot the first pressing question for you will be ‘Do you go public?’.
Our next bit of advice is ‘slowly, slowly’, we all dream of the things we’d do if we won, quitting the job, giving lots of money away but it’s best to do the maths first!
The next one is ‘seek expert counsel’, the chances are you’ve never been a millionaire before and there are financial advisors and legal advisors who will make your rags to riches transformation go more smoothly!
Now it’s time to ‘spend’, and while it’s tempting to splurge you really should be considering investments.

Revolutionary in-depth analysis of every EuroMillions number using data from the entire lifetime of the lottery. Find the most common EuroMillions lottery numbers drawn together over the entire history of the draw.
Discover the most common triplets ever drawn in the EuroMillions lottery ranked in order of frequency.
This tool reports on the most common numbers and Lucky Stars measured by percentage and frequency. Find out when any given number is statistically due, not due or overdue based on its past draw history. Use our lucky Number Generator to generate your EuroMillions numbers at the click of a button. The EuroMillions lottery was launched in 2004 by the national lotteries of Spain, France and the United Kingdom. is in no way associated with, supported, or endorsed by Services aux Loteries en Europe, Camelot UK Lotteries Limited or The National Lottery Commission. The only thing we can say for sure is that the winner comes from the State of South Carolina in the US. Thanks to the recent game updates in 2012 Match 5 winners will also become overnight millionaires.Don’t forget, you can still win yourself some FREE Powerball tickets by coming up with a witty, original and awesome comment in our latest comments competition.
Brace yourself, not all cruise ship staterooms are created equal and as a jackpot winner you will have ample funds to spoil yourself and your loved ones. Called the Balmoral and Sandringham Suites, they come with butler service and exclusive access to the Queens Grill Lounge and feature Art Deco decor, Beidermeier furnishings, and a frosted-glass staircase to the second floor bedroom. All suites feature separate living areas and bedrooms, writing desks with personalized stationery, iPod and MP3 connections and spacious granite bathrooms with separate bath and shower and twin sinks. At 1,599 square feet (plus an 874-square-foot balcony) Royal Caribbean's largest suite features two floors, two bedrooms, a baby grand piano, a wet bar, and a balcony with dining area and whirlpool tub. Sat there and said ‘When I win the EuroMillions, the first thing I’ll do is….’ It keeps the dream alive especially when we have jackpots like the sort seen over the last couple of weeks!
While it’s hard to keep a secret from friends and family, going public is quite something else.

If you win a large sum you’re going to want to ensure it’s a pension fund for you so it’s worth doing the maths and seeing exactly how far the cash can go. The pressures of the win, other people and the overwhelming nature of the win can throw you off kilter, so choose an exotic location and have that holiday of a lifetime.
Yes there’ll be money to spend too but putting some organisation into your spending can prevent later regrets. reports on all EuroMillions lottery results quickly and accurately to players all over Europe and beyond.
The lotto loving world waits in anticipation for further information about the September 18th winner.
You will be able to splurge a little, enjoying indulgent suites that deliver all the comforts of a luxury resort – including a butler service and private verandas with whirlpools ensuring a life-time of most breath-taking memories.
The two-deck, state of the art Spa at Seabourn features Spa Villas which can be reserved for hours of pure indulgence and relaxation. If you’re looking for some spending information, you’re in the wrong place as our 5 things is a sensible to do list for lottery winners, should lightning strike! Many lottery winners go public because they think it’ll be too hard to keep the secret, but your hometown knowing about your win and having your face splashed all over the front pages is not quite the same thing.
A holiday you could never have dreamed of before is a great transition into your new life and it’ll buy you some thinking time too!
We also provide free tools that offer insightful statistical analysis of all past results in an effort to enhance your EuroMillions experience. This is something to think seriously about, especially given the pressures that lottery winners face! The temptation to go wild in the aisles will be strong and it helps to resist and be in control and organised!

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